i bet all of you guys have been through somthin like this

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  1. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

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    الإعجاب :
    hey everybody i hope your all doin good
    i was listenin to some music today and i heard an old song
    that holds alot of meaning i thought i would share it with yall
    its about when real friendships collapse
    i bet everyone one of you guys have been through
    somthin similar to what happened in this song
    with one of your friends
    its about being friends with somebody for a long time then
    people start makin problems between u and ur friend
    and then in the end u start becomin enemies
    if anybody went threw somthin like this
    u can share with us

    this song is dedicated to all those friends who ended up
    shootin each other wit 9mms​

    So i chose, huh
    You got a phone,
    Pick it up and call me

    How come, we don't even talk no mo',
    And you don't even call no mo',
    We don't barely keep in touch at all,
    And I don't even feel the same love when we hug no mo',
    And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now,
    After all the years we've been down,
    Ain't no way, no how,
    This bulls can't be true,
    We family, aint a damn thing change unless it's you

    [Verse One]
    We were so young,
    So full of life and vivrance,
    Side by side wherever you was ridin', I went,
    So close or most us some Bonnie and Clyde ,
    When Ronnie died you was right by my side,
    With a shoulder to cry on and a tissue to wipe my eyes,
    And a bucket to catch every tear I cried inside it,
    You even had the same type of childhood I did,
    Sometimes I just wanna know why,
    Is it that you sur-came to yours,
    And mine I survived it,
    You ran the streets I nine to fived it,
    We grew up, grew apart this time went by us,
    Then I blew up to both yours and mine surprises,
    Now I feel the vibe I just cant describe it,
    Much as your pride tries to hide it,
    You're cold your touch is just like ice,
    And your eyes is the look of resentment,
    I can sense it and I don't like it



    [Verse Two]
    It was my dream at first to be all spittin the verse,
    On my own album with a deal but got worse,
    So I came out I would'a killed a nigga first,
    'Fore I let him disrespect me,
    Or check me up with somethin' worse,
    Some chick that I wasn't with,
    I would'a hit her to would'a quit,
    But you were plain talkin' to her,
    And tell her she was the ,
    I told you don't get involved with her,
    You were smoking the cron'c with her,
    Like Devil's husband or wife or somthin',
    Must've hurt your pride or somthin',
    'Cause you wolf I fit them after people,
    Like you want it with me,
    And lyrics is the fans and all the that I produce,
    You actin' like I ain't your man,
    And lyin' like she can't be loose,
    But I am really your friend,
    I'm just trying to tell you the truth,
    Don't hate the game or the playa',
    The one that's changin is you



    [Verse Three]

    We gettin lonely at the top
    cuz my homie had to stop
    now we actin like i gotta live only for the block
    and homies in the hood only see me on the tube
    so they gossip on the porch, get ta speakin all rude
    fools i used to rap with, all expect magic
    like my finger get ta snappin and *poof* it just happen
    but Proof its just actin, at the party were stoned
    shady made it so my babys aint starvin at home
    see the devil in your grin, since the ghetto we been friends
    forever, real intelegience, thats forever till the end
    I peep the hatred in your eyes and the Satan in your lie
    aint wastin my time with these snakes in disguise
    (How come) when you talk its with bitter respite
    (And how come) its my fault for what you did with your life
    and every time i go to hear you and play you look away
    we barely embrace, you cant even look me in my face


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  3. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

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    by the way the guy that did the last verse died
    his name is proof
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  5. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable قلم فضي

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    Alhmdu lelah I haven't been through such a problem

    I am doing well with all my friends and our relationship is perfect

    Yeah sometimes we argue and have small problems but at the end we forgive each other>

    Right now I don't know what is hiden behinde our friendship and I am not sure within it's gonna contuniue as good as well in the future??

    Any way thank u for this topic
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  7. shareef

    shareef قلم فضي

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    Real my bro...i see you having some hip-hop ideology. let me tell you something about hip-hop brother. Hip-hop is the source of all crimes in the united states. drugs, alcohol, young ..., school dropping, crap talking are all effected by hip-hop music. killing, stealing are also inspired by hip-hop. the raciest white American government did not want to do anything about hip-hop. In fact the government its self is the one who funded hip-hop music, and still making it popular among African American population in America in order to make them stay away from the political and economical industries. so i suggest you to toss your wrong and evil hip-hop ideology to the trash and adopt your own ideology ................. Salaam
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  9. أبو مقصو

    أبو مقصو قلم فضي

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    let me tell you somethin buddy
    there's a difference between hiphop and rap ..
    hip hop is the funny one
    but Rap can be constructive .. i mean it doesn't have to be violent

    Rap more is about discussing the problems and delimmas

    Peace out
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  11. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

    التسجيل :
    الإعجاب :
    im happy you havent been through somthin like this
    and i didnt mean little problems i meant big problems that make you enemies with your friends
    inshallah you and your friends will be kool with each other forever
    you didnt tell me what you think about the song
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  13. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

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    الإعجاب :
    my dear little brother shareef its alot more complicated than that
    what you dont understand is that rap isnt all about drugs and killing and ... if you want to know how rap started i would be happy to explain to you
    see alot of teenagers going through your difficult age
    always think that they know everything thats going on around them
    and in the end life snaps back and pops them in the head
    anyway lets get back to our subject
    Drugs crime and killing is somthing common in every country
    the diffrence is that in the united states is its happening more because of the poverty in the ghettos and because the government wants these things to spread between the black community
    and about the hip hop ideology im not fimiliar with what you mean but i can tell you that i dont adopt it but i try to learn from anything around me i even try to learn from crazy people walking in the street
    bro i know that you consider yourself educated
    and you probably finished high school thats wonderful
    we need more people like you in the yemeni community
    but try to be more humble and learn from anyone even black people
    i know your a muslim and you have the best religon
    but in the end they are our brothers in humanity
    and like the messenger of allah peace be upon him said
    take wisdom even from the crazy people
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  15. عــاهد

    عــاهد مشرف سابق

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    Some times you think really really smart maybe smarter than all of us wallah.

    but sometimes a kid thinks better than you!
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  17. الشاب عادل

    الشاب عادل قلم ماسي

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    what is this man? where is the moderator??? we said bad words are not allowed in this forum?? what happened?? only 3adel's topics get deleted if they contain profanity...c'mon man...eminem is BAD lol
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  19. عــاهد

    عــاهد مشرف سابق

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    he just woke up so please excuse him:)