Electronic messaging

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    Electronic messaging

    Text messages , chat room message and sometimes emails can be written using the smallest number of letters possible .pronouns , prepositions and articles may be omitted and abbreviations are widely used.
    So now let me show you some of these words :

    Part I

    2DAY = today
    2NITE = tonight
    2MORO = tomorrow
    LOL = lots of love/luck
    B4 = before
    B4N= bye for now
    BBL= be back later
    BTW = by the way
    MSG = message
    4U = for you
    2U = to you
    NO1 = no one
    PLS = please
    ASAP = as soon as possible
    ATB = all the best
    YR = your/you're

    I want to know if you have a previous knowledge any of these words .I'm hold on your reply asap and Goodbye.