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  1. samiah

    samiah مشرف سابق

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    Please read what’s in this link first

    That was very nice of me to accept small expressions in Arabic; I noticed now that I was very wrong when I allowed that.
    How do we expect the section to be better, if the old members are the ones who are disrespecting the general rules of the forum. This majlis has a lot of sections for anybody to talk in Arabic, Nobody has an excuse to talk in Arabic here. I write, talk and love Arabic probably more than anyone in this section, but if the old members of this section do not care about raising this section to a better level then this is a big problem. When new members come to see old members talking in Arabic, they do the same thing as well.
    This section is called the English forum; we need to cooperate to keep it that way.

    These are additional Rules, which are going to be added to the general English Forum Rules

    1-Any member replies in any topic in Arabic his or her reply is going to be immediately deleted.
    2- THE Chat Topic is the one and only topic in the English forum you can talk in Arabic, German or any language, like any other chat topic in the majlis.
    3- Requesting translations from Arabic to English is acceptable
    4-writing an Arabic word in English letters is acceptable if necessary like salam, inshallah
    5 it is acceptable to write in Arabic if the meaning of the word in english might totally change the message you want to send especially if it’s a verse from the Quran or Hadith.

    finally, Replying respectfully on each others topics and enriching the forum with your creative and spectacular topics will be great enough to raise the forum to it's best.
    Remember that we are here for each other to improve our language and support each other. Therefore, any hatred, grudge or underestimating for any of the members will be strongly rejected

    Nothing will be done without your supports and efforts
    so, lets cooperate for a better English forum

    Thank You
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  3. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    I Agree

    with Ya

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  5. Rita Alshoaibi

    Rita Alshoaibi مشرف سابق

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    thanks SAMIAH
    u and i think everyone here knows my opinion about that

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  7. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

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    we should use english in all the rooms
    just kidding