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    Assalaamu alaikum

    This is to all Yemenis and if you can pass this on, then you are playing a part of this journey and innovative idea to help Yemenis in Yemen and wherever they maybe.

    One Dark Angel is launching his website in three months from now. For sometime now, I wanted to do something to help Yemenis in Yemen and the world is vast for skills, and we can help our fellow Yemenis.

    The website will do the following.

    1. It will have tutorial videos, where Yemenis can learn, step by step on certain softwares. I will mention the softwares in a moment. The reason for me doing

    A) By getting Yemenis skilled in photoshop, graphic design, designing magazines, newspapers, corporate logos, animation, from stopmotion animation to the highest standard of animation so I can then, hire them to do work. And I am not going to hire them as an outsource that they are used and abuse. They will earn EXACTLY the rate paid in UK and in the industry.

    B) This will then, help others in Yemen to gain jobs without them being in England. Not that I am saying they shouldn't come to UK but while we Yemenis are in UK, it is time now, to help our fellow Yemenis there in creating Jobs and even, for them to have their own businesses.

    C) The internet tools such as emailing, Skype, MSN, Yahoo tools can help them to send their work and get paid through paypal.

    D) To enable them to make a good living standard and have HOPE. We cannot leave it to the government of Yemen to do this. We must now do this and help them until Allah finds us a way.

    2. To find Yemeni artists who are talented in crafts, creating their things in Yemen such as rugs, such as pottery, such as anything that can sell. And build an Eccomerce website for them so they can earn money by selling what they do.

    Even if it is creating toys such as bikes, using wires. That's what I did when I was in Yemen.

    The software is now designed for this and it took some years in getting it right and Alhamidllah, that is really to my wife who is a programmer.

    3. To also create LIVE WEBCAST so our people can learn Arabic, English, French, and also many things like:

    A) How to make films, how to edit. And how to use that which surrounds them to make films and animation.

    It has took 30 years to learn all the skills I needed to learn. From design to animation, to filming, to creating magazines, websites and everything I could to publishing, so then I can transfer all this to the people of Yemen and this includes all Muslims too and also, Non-Muslims.

    But my primary function is Yemenis but everyone has access to them.

    I need now, all Yemenis, who wish to help their people to spread this out to all they know. I have been in meetings with newspapers, magazines and even TV broadcasting companies as they see this as news to them but for me, it is a way now to enrich the lives of our people in Yemen.

    Please make sure, if any talent you know in Yemen, pass them onto me. No matter if it is male or female. I have sisters who can communicate with the sisters, while I communicate and sort out the bros.

    Anyway, pass the news, and Insha-Allah, I will provide more information soon. Or you may read it in Yemeni Times and other Arab newspapers.

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  3. Kami5000

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    I agree with you. The idea is basically acceptable

    How can we start? I am ready to start with you...

    Waiting for your kind reply


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  5. عــاهد

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    i am not the one who's gonne start this project!

    Infact it already started by a yemeni guy in UK!

    i was just spreading the news!