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  1. الشاب عادل

    الشاب عادل قلم ماسي

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    I'm sure for anyone who have taken exams....had their moments

    happy...sad....surprising, and funny ones


    I will you share you one of my stories in a Calculus Physics class and hopefully you'll share ones :D

    My best friend (abou yemen :D) was maznou8 fe s2oul (doesn't know the answer for an important question in the exam) so he decided to whisper and ask me since I was sitting right next to him....I was so busy doing a 15-point problem whereas he kept bugging me for an answer....i tried helping him out (although i didn't want to) but i felt very bad.....but he couldn't get the answer....so i told him later, but he insisted that he wants to know the answer....he kept bugging me for another 10 minutes....and i don't know what happened to me at that moment....i stood up and started yelling at him :D all students were looking at us...

    the professor immediately asked us what's wrong;

    i lied (and i shouldn't but i had to) and said
    : :D he took my pencil and won't give it back


    so that's what happened; what were yours?
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  3. Rita Alshoaibi

    Rita Alshoaibi مشرف سابق

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    thanks for sharing
    a really funny story and i liked to read it

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  5. عــاهد

    عــاهد مشرف سابق

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    nice one ya adel, I'm sure all yemenis are like that.
    i've seen worse during english exams in yemen.

    but still i was treated like a leader, everyone used to buy me breakfast, lunch, snacks before the exam just for the sake of letting them cheat and pass.

    I remember a similar Advertisement on the yemeni channel between Kash Koosh and Waziz.

    salam ya Kash koosh
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  7. Muthanna

    Muthanna قلم ذهبي

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  9. Unbreakable

    Unbreakable قلم فضي

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    nice story


    once when I was in primary school, during the final exam of one subject. One of my classmates did something crazy. I don't know for what purpose he did that.

    any way do u wanna know what he did??

    At the begnning of the exam one of the teachers (he had a big head)was sprating the exams papers around the class. Suddnly, my creazy classmates stands up and started to shout "sir your head looks like a watermelon"
    Then the teacher got really crazy and kicked him out of the class and that was the reason that my classmate failed the subject.

    it was really funny for me but I didn't like it any way
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  11. إبراهيم ناصر

    إبراهيم ناصر مشرف سابق

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    good job adel

    it's a nice and funny story

    keep it up brother