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    Everyday I will put essay form english business news and explainning the meaning of the words . I think it will be useful for working members . If you are interested in the subjet please reply to continuo .....

    let's begin

    SIZE="5"]LEFT]Friday 27 December 2002
    Vocabulary from the business news. read the report then find explanations of difficult words below.
    Swiss poverty worry
    Summary: Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world but the divide between rich and poor in the country is getting bigger and unemployment is also rising. Experts say more job losses are likely in 2003. This report from Emma Jane Kirby:
    Historically one of the wealthiest nations in the world, Switzerland is now beginning to feel the pinch of the downturn in the global economy. Although at just under three percent its unemployment figures are envied by many of its European neighbours, for Switzerland the figure represents a worrying rise. In Geneva, Switzerland's second largest financial centre, the big banks have cut over one thousand two hundred jobs over the past year, helping to send the unemployment figures soaring to over six percent. The local labour office has had to take on more staff to cope with numbers.

    But with two percent of Swiss owning forty-two percent of the nation's wealth, the biggest problem the country's facing is the widening gap between rich and poor. Over five hundred and thirty-five thousand people are thought to be living below the poverty line, but despite a welfare system being available for the needy, according to charity groups, many people fear poverty in Switzerland carries a social stigma and they're simply too[/LEFT]
    embarrassed to ask for help​

    to feel the pinch

    to experience financial difficulties
    unemployment figures
    statistics that show how many people do not have a job

    if something is envied, other people want it; here, other countries’ unemployment figures are much worse than those in Switzerland

    rising very quickly

    to cope with
    to be able to deal with

    the widening gap
    the difference is getting bigger

    the poverty line
    if people live below the poverty line, it means they do not have enough money to meet their basic needs

    a welfare system
    a system that provides financial support for people who do not have a job or who are very poor

    the needy
    people who need financial help

    a social stigma
    a negative feeling by those in society towards a certain situation​

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    COLOR="Red"]Nestle compensation dispute [/COLOR]

    Summary: The world's biggest food company, Nestle, has responded to an international campaign over its demand for six million dollars of compensation from the Ethiopian government. This report from Mike Thomson

    Nestlé's claim dates back to 1975 when Ethiopia's then communist government embarked on a mass nationalization programme. Virtually all foreign owned firms and property were taken over usually without any compensation.
    This fate befell an Ethiopian based company called ELIDCO. It was mainly funded by a German firm which later launched a claim for compensation.
    In 1986 Nestle bought the German company and took over the compensation claim…which now stands at six million dollars. Ethiopia is offering to pay 1.5 million dollars plus interest but Nestle says it's not enough despite World Bank appeals for it to accept the deal.
    Ethiopia's Minister for Finance and Economic Development, Mulu Ketsela told the BBC that her country needs to spend all the money it has on saving lives and she's appealing to Nestle to drop the case and put people before profits.
    Mike Thomson, BBC. ​



    embarked on

    conversion of private business and industry to state ownership

    money offered for losses experienced

    state of affairs or situation

    happened to (a literary word)

    started formal demands

    stands at
    has reached

    strong requests