the simple message of islam

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  1. Rita Alshoaibi

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    [frame="5 50"]This life we are told is indeed a test
    so every nation with prophets was blessed
    124 thousand we learn from Hadith
    prophets came with the message of peace

    They had the same message, Allah is one
    he has no partners and has no son
    Do good deeds and worship your Lord,
    help the needy with what you can afford

    David, Jesus, Abraham, Moses and more
    are some of the prophets that came before
    They were only men we mustn't confuse
    selected by Allah to bring the good news

    After these Prophets had passed away
    people got mixed up and went astray
    They changed the message to suit their needs
    worshipped idols and start bad deeds

    Another Prophet Allah would send
    and their way of life he would amend
    This pattern repeated again and again
    until Muhammed the final messenger came

    A madman, a poet, a magician or what
    all of the above he was not
    His honesty and character they had all seen
    this pure noble soul they called Al-Amin

    Muhammed the truthful, was indeed sincere
    Allah's final messenger to many it was clear
    He had been appointed to guide mankind
    to illuminate ignorant hearts so blind

    The message was beautiful and so pure
    to the hearts of mankind the wisdom did lure
    It filled their lives with love and compassion
    Muhammed words? No it can only be revelation

    The prophet himself could not read or write
    yet Allah gave him this illuminating light
    It entered their hearts purifying their souls
    and the faithful scribes wrote it on scrolls

    In Ramadan the whole Quran was recited and said
    even today by millions of Muslims it is read
    Every word was recorded like the prophet was told
    the exact same message fourteen hundred years old

    The Quran is now for all mankind a guide,
    it can never be changed and will forever abide,
    Its a promise of Allah - an undisputed fact
    the message sent to Muhammed will remain intact

    No more idols or lords we should erect
    the oneness of Allah we should respect
    Part of the first pillar known as Tawheed
    recited la-illah ha illallah the Muslim creed

    We should pray Salah like the prophet taught
    and ask for Allah's help like the Prophet sought
    To taqwah and unity this will indeed give rise
    the second pillar of Islam, the spiritual exercise

    We must fast in the whole month of Ramadan
    and do good deeds as many as we can
    This gift of life we begin to appreciate
    by not drinking or eating not even a date

    Ramadan is a month Muslims eagerly await
    peace unity and happiness it does create
    removing the blinkers a fresh outlook we see
    this wonderful month, pillar number three

    Some of our wealth we give to those in need
    the homeless and hungry we must try and feed
    The poor are helped much by this gift so small
    this is called Zakat the fourth pillar so tall

    To visit the Kabaah, the house of Allah
    every Muslim must travel from near and far
    Once in a lifetime this great journey we make
    the final pillar, a tough task we undertake

    The rich, the poor, the black and the white
    the male, the female equal in Allah's sight
    From all walks of life to hajj they all came
    standing before Allah they are all the same

    To always be good and honest we must try
    we need to remember one day we will die
    Only a very small time we can spend here
    then we must leave this world so dear

    We will be asked about the life we spent
    if we did good to heaven we will be sent
    this will be decided on the Judgement day
    and in heaven or hell we will forever stay

    No more guides or prophets will be sent again
    instead we have the Quran so deep yet plain
    If we get confused to the Quran we turn
    a message from the most high from which to learn

    For all mankind and forever more
    wisdom and teachings it does store
    To eternal life it opens the door
    the words of our creator that we cant ignore

    There are millions of Muslims in the world today
    the fastest growing religion experts say
    Together to the one true God Muslims Pray
    by following the Quran, its only Allah we Obey

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  3. إبراهيم ناصر

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    thank you so much sister

    it's a nice topic
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  5. ابراهيم صياد

    ابراهيم صياد قلم ذهبي

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    I did not read it but i will later on thank you
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  7. keep it real

    keep it real قلم ذهبي

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    what a beautiful poem thanks missss rita
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  9. المناطح

    المناطح عضو

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    IT is nice poem in bad time in which people forget their prophets ,thank for this good poem
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  11. iBn Al-YeMeN

    iBn Al-YeMeN قلم فضي

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    (ما شاء الله ) There are millions of Muslims in the world today
    (سبحان الله) the fastest growing religion experts say
    (الله اكبر)Together to the one true God Muslims Pray
    (ربنا ولك الحمد)by following the Quran, its only Allah we Obey

    Thank you sis....One of the Greatest Peoms.......
    .I'll copy n paste it in my e-mail and share it with others if u dont mind
    Keep up the good work sis .....[​IMG].....​
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  13. Rita Alshoaibi

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    thanks ibrahem for ur reply
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  15. Rita Alshoaibi

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    thx alshab and
    i hope i did it

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  17. Rita Alshoaibi

    Rita Alshoaibi مشرف سابق

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    thanks u so much for nice comment
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  19. Rita Alshoaibi

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    i thank u for this nice answer
    and u are always WELCOME