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  1. Rita Alshoaibi

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    Allah(SWT) almighty,
    Creator of all,
    One and only god,
    Allah(SWT) will never let us fall.

    The only one who cares for us more than our mother,
    Our mother who cares for us more than any other.

    Allah(SWT) loves us so much,
    Do we all show the same love?
    Not all of us,
    We go around doing such and such.

    Allah(SWT) has shown us love in ways no one can,
    Allah(SWT) has given us life,
    Given us a home,
    And has given us a family who cares for us just like him.

    Allah(SWT) loves us and wants us to go to Jannah,
    The Shaytaan is the one who wants us to go to Jahannam.

    If we follow Islam and Islam only,
    Soon we will enter a beautiful paradise.
    If we all follow Islam we won't be lonely,
    Even if there is no one with you,
    All you have to remember is that Allah(SWT) is always near you.