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    افتراضي yahoo messenger users
    Asalam Alikoom, check this out. totaly awesome! In yahoo messenger.
    click on send a message and add the name"quran.kareem" when you write
    in the box just type" help "this will show you some examples of how to
    use this program. Yes it's a program that runs inside yahoo
    messenger.What a clever little Muslim who created this!Save that
    username! You can get translations to the Quran in Urdu as well as
    English. There are Hadith as well even the 40 Hadith.
    I havn't learned everything this has to offerbecause there is so much
    Mashallah!Spread the word too, Islam is not for you and I but for all
    humanity! Allah Akbar
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    انا اشتي اعرف حاقة وحده بس !

    ليه مواضيعك مالها طعمه [​IMG]