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    The puzzle to solve
    The challenge to face
    There are so many gossips around
    Wondering how in a hot weather
    One can ever hide her face
    In this modern era
    So backward they behave
    In this twenty-first century.

    Acting like one of the Stone Age
    What is the matter?
    What is the reason?
    Why are they hiding their beauty?
    Are they all the same?

    Or is someone forcing them
    Or is there is a spell on them
    Or what kind of virus
    They are hiding themselves
    Dignity and self-respect
    Or Affection and Pride

    Wearing a mark and covering
    Being away from men or Society
    Isolating in a dark cell
    What a misery, what a pity
    Don’t know modesty and disgrace
    Beauty is for inner self
    It is not for all and everywhere
    Home is where the enjoyment is
    Keeping away from desires and temptation
    Like with the man of our fate.
    Not worrying about deceiving or disgrace
    Acting in an responsible way
    Performing the duties when we bear

    A Muslim women is not puzzled
    Islam gives women an independent identity
    Showing morals and spiritual environmental gain
    Her success beliefs, attitude, behavior and conduct is what she aim
    She is in every field of life
    That is her dignity and pride.