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    A sense of otherness
    You are to you as I am to me.

    Living acutely
    One person lives as acutely as the next person.

    Confucian Golden Rule
    Don't do unto others what you would not have them do unto you.

    Confucian Golden Mean
    The Confucian golden mean is similar to the Greek idea of wholeness where classical Greeks admired the well-rounded person. Balance suggests perspective, not mediocrity.

    We perceive no beauties that are not sharpened, pricked out, and inflated by artifice. Socrates sets his mind working with a natural and ordinary motion. A peasant says this, a woman says that.

    A sense of time
    You, as an individual here and now, are as now as people in the past were as now to themselves then, or as people in the future will be to themselves.

    A sense of death
    Some day I will be as close to death as the clock is close to striking the next hour. This is another expression of the sense of time and one's place in it.

    A sense of honor
    The moral man refrained from a given act because he was afraid that somebody might be looking; the man of honor refrained from the same act for the simple reason that it was beneath his ideas of what constituted human dignity