What's wrong ?

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    Looking at every thing around urges me to ask the above question ; and then costs me a lot to find an answer; but with no avail.
    Really!! What's wrong with us ? what's wrong with every thing around us. Where ever you go, some thing wrong will certainly come across your way.
    People used to say "the world has become a forest"; but in fact -to some extent- any forest can be a paradise compared to our world.
    So, what is it ? What's the matter ? What 's going on ?

    What's wrong with us?
    With every thing around us?
    Where ever you go ,
    you find it wrong .
    What ever you do,
    when ever , and who…
    It's become a song ,
    that we never like .
    Oh! we have no choice ,
    but to wait and see :
    where ever it goes ,
    when ever to pause .
    Oh! I need to know ,
    what 's wrong with me ?
    What's wrong with you ,
    it , he and she ?
    What's wrong with all ?
    Could it be the fall ?
    Or, what could it be ?
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  3. Rita Alshoaibi

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    i think with this poem is nothing wrong - thx for giving that to the site


    have a nice day