Is it really Iran who controls this terrorist act in Yemen

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  1. عــاهد

    عــاهد مشرف سابق

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    The spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry Mohammad-Ali Hosseini has declared that Iran-Yemen ties are strong and based on Islamic brotherhood.
    "The cooperation between the two countries is necessary in political, economic and security fields", said Hosseini.
    Referring to the recent events in Yemen and the sensitive circumstances of the region and the Islamic world, Hosseini said that enemies are trying to foment ethnic and religious conflicts in Muslim countries. Hosseini underlined the need for a logical approach to the current problems in order to solve them as soon as possible.
    He hoped that the internal issues in Yemen would be solved through a suitable and peaceful mechanism within the national unity and without foreign interference
    to ensure stability and security in the region.
    Meanwhile, Vice-speaker of the Parliament Abdul-Wahab Mahmoud has said that Iran serves as a buttress of the region and Islamic nations.
    During his meeting with Iran's Ambassador to Yemen Hossein Kamalian, Mahmoud
    hailed Tehran's stances towards regional and international issues.
    "The government of Yemen recognizes Iran's right to pursue nuclear energy for peaceful purposes", said Mahmoud.
    He stressed the need to find a peaceful solution to the dispute over its nuclear activities, pointing to the commonalties enjoyed by the two Muslim countries.
    For his part, the Iranian diplomat, reiterated Iranian foreign policy which prioritizes expansion of relations with regional states, including Yemen, and play an active role in developments in the region.
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  3. saleh mubarak

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    dear friend there are some hands of iran in the events that going on in saadah but it is not the most ... there are many other hands behind the war and what is going on there .. we cant say iran is the most responsible of what is going on there .. there are many other hands behind the war and the most responsible is the our regime because they had build those who are fighting now and they have to face the mistake which they have done

    best regards
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  5. المتوكل بالله

    المتوكل بالله عضو فعّال

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    i think all of u guys r right
    our regime is the responsible for what is going there, but in the other hand, iran complete what the goverment was doing by supprting them by money
    this is our country and whoever did the mistake we v to work togther to solve it however we lose
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  7. samiah

    samiah مشرف سابق

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    definitely There are Iranian religious institutions that support Badruddin Al-Houthi. The only clear benefit to Iranian support is proving its ideological commitment to itself and other Shi’a.

    Moreover, our Yemeni government has limited influence on Yemeni people which Iran takes as an advantage. Therefore, It seems logically that Iran's primary motivation is the opportunity to diminish the government step by step and indirectly

    May Allah protect Yemen
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  9. إبراهيم ناصر

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    I agree with you Samiah
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  11. yemenyniga

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    No Iran dont know what they are doing
    we just fool ourself and trying to find a reason that is not reasonable
    Thats what i think