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    Sera castle

    Castl d one of the oldest historical monuments Aden Governorate, and with the tanks are long months teachers in the history of eminent archaeologists Aden, a fortress there are old military fortifications board reduced it Black Mountain and the so-called island reduced it is located in the sea off the Gulf of Hagat, than engaging the island and castle in the sea Kdidban experiencing day and all night Isamer the vigilance to protect Aden and advanced line of defense; e reduced it is considere addition, the island derives from its delicate important advantage : control movement of ships coming to the port of Aden and emerging from it, and reduced it is the island and mountains near Mount Hakat landscape of the mountains. There are hotbeds of the castle called (hotbeds Alhramsh), promoted some myths that the genies and demons who are physically, and several consensus in the historical sources on ancient and modern history and the time at the castle, does not know the exact date of its establishment Some of the real finds it established with the beginnings of the emergence of the Port of Aden Kreter historic port of Aden, due to the before Islam, and others because of the emergence of the maximum defensive fortifications to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries AD during the Mamelukes and Turks Yemen under the guise of Portuguese face invasion, due to the absence of planning or extinction of some sources historic may be mentioned nothing about the establishment of Castle reduced it, and the absence of a few archeological studies in this specialized not to mention the low side and the lack of material for the work of fossils and archaeological excavations near the site of the castle or around including revelations shift reveals the history of the ancient citadel important building.