The truth in the story of Josh All Salim

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    The truth in the story of Josh All Salim,

    We have heard recently lots of news about the Josh of
    All Salim, in a country like Yemen where the witness
    (journalists) are banned from visiting the areas of
    events especially Saadah and in a country like Yemen
    where when the journalists write about their
    testimonies or opinions they will be banned from doing
    so as

    What happened to the brave journalist AbdulAziz
    Alsaqaf and Jamal Amer.

    So from my position as a member of Alhouthi family, as
    a member of Zaidisom sect and as a member of
    of the Saadah area, I believe it is my obligation to
    tell the truth hoping this article will find its way
    to people and publishing it will not cause the
    News-paper any harm.

    first of all , I will start from mentioning the fact
    that according to many credible reports including the
    U.S department of the State annual report that address
    the religious freedom worldwide, there is Josh
    community in Yemen that live mainly in Saadah and
    Ammran areas.

    the second fact is that when credible international
    reports confirm that there is over 55 millions peace
    of arms in Yemen , I would say Saadah and Amran will
    come in the first place among other Yemeni generates.
    So supposedly it should be classified as risky areas.

    Here we would like to ask a question what made the
    Josh community to select to live in these area rather
    than other areas in Yemen such as Aden, Hodiedah and
    Taiz especially these three examples are much
    civilized and staple places comparing to Saadah and

    is it because of economic reasons? I don't think so
    because ports of Aden , Hodedah and Hadramout are
    booming areas comparing to Saadah and Amran. More over
    the land in Mahweet and Ibb are much productive than
    lands in Saadaha and Amran.!

    Is it because of the weather? Absolutely no, because
    Saadah and Amran are considered desert comparing to
    Maheet and Taiz.

    In our journey of guessing if we will

    Say may be Josh
    is movers, so they just selected Saadah recently. But
    this is completely untrue because it is well known and
    reports confirm that josh is in Saadah since ever.

    So again why Josh in general including All Salim
    selected this part of Yemen to live and to build

    The key information to answer this question is
    realizing the fact that these two Governorates
    (Saadah and Amran) are in the heart of Zaidisom area.

    So simply it is because Jews found save haven in
    faith and they have been feeling secured in the
    of the tripe of these areas. Even when major events
    took places like the establishment of the State of
    Israel in 1948 and the revolution of 1962 in Yemen ,
    Jews remained in these areas. More than that even when
    Jewess community

    got the ability to travel and
    immigrate out side of the country, they preferred to
    stay in the Centre of Zaidisom area and among the

    So why Jewish of All Salim were harassed recently in
    their save haven that they have been enjoying living
    in since ever?

    we will find the answer in understanding the campaigns
    of fake claims of Government of Yemen in which they
    are trying to accuse Hashimate and Zaidisoms in
    and All Alhouthi in particular . Government campaigns
    of fake claims saking political damage for this
    tolerant sect and family. In this regard we have to
    remember the fake claims of the Government that
    Hussien Badr Aldeen Alhouthi claimed to be a Prophet,
    claim to be Waited Mahdi, Claimed to be Imam and so

    Most ironically we have to remember that
    daily news paper which is the most

    governmental newspaper published in June 2004 in its
    first page that late Hussien Badr Aldeen Alhouthi is
    being supported by Jews of Saadah !!.

    It is the unethical beehive of the current regime to
    destroy the reputation of political opponents with any
    means. The end justifies the means. !!

    from my position as a member of Zaidisom, Hashimate
    a member of Parliament of the targeted area, I condom
    the misbehave of the government to send its agents to
    harass these innocent Jews community claiming fickly
    they are member or supporters of Alhouthis whereas
    head of tribes of the area confirm that Government is
    the one who asked the Josh community to leave the
    area. From my
    position, I condom the silence of international
    community from punishing the intolerant government and
    I reconfirm our values tradition and policy to
    well come and support all different faiths including

    Yahya Bdr Aldeen Alhouthi

    member of Yemeni Parliament
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  3. jathom

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    Go to hell we know all your tricks and forget about gettin back to the time before 1962
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  5. baddr1

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    jathom, i hope you read the article and understand it
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  7. baddr1

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    jathom, i hope you read the article and understand it
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  9. saleh mubarak

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    first of all the essay was not fully correct .. once you said the jews were saved in saadah more than any other place . dear brother it does not mean that other places are not safe for the jews to live in and it dose not mean that the saidisome is more peacefull than other dogmas like shafee or hanbli or maliki or others.. secondly i want you to tell us what is the real reason of the war in saadah ist because of saying death to israile and amireca or not..???
    thirdly jews are staying in saadah not because of its safe pleace of them and more confertable . if they want to live confertable they can any where all over the world but they dont want because they are nationlist more that many other muslims not because of of saidisom

    best regardssss