Why the world is so cold?

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  1. الشاب عادل

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    World is so cold, said a little orphan kid
    a tear went down from his mother's eye
    don't worry hun, i'm here for you, she said
    his mother replied with sorrow and a long sigh

    the kid asked his mom about his father
    the mom didn't want to tell him nor lie
    the kid asked again and waited for an answer
    his mother finally said your father is up high

    the kid thought about what his mom said
    the kid finally knew that his father did die
    He screamed with his high voice and said
    "My father died....Oh My...Oh my" Oh My!

    Continuation shall be tomorrow
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    oh my oh my oh my

    with sorrow and long sigh
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  5. Rita Alshoaibi

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    thx for this - its really sad
    and we are waiting for the continuation