The Rap Battle ¤¦§≈ж± ±ж≈§¦¤ {2007} ¤¦§≈汤¦§≈汦§¤ Boys vs. Boys

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  1. Seeking_Truth

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    Members of the English forum , after a long time of waiting I think it's time to start the battle because everyone is motivated and wants to show his/her talent {I think it will be so enjoyable}... isn't it? :)

    So, Ladies and Gentlemen it's timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    To Rap and only to Rap, be ready ;)


    But before, I have for you some simple instructions to be followed

    The battle is between the ≈§¦¤ {Boys' team} ¤¦§≈ and the ≈§¦¤ {girls' team} ¤¦§≈ in which the two teams will rap against each other so that to win and to be crowned as The Best Team , moreover we will have The best Two Performers from both teams

    The Rap topic is opened but must be meaningful, here it will be easy for each one to rap about what he wants having the freedom to have a variety of Rap or verses

    The first team who is going to start is one member of the ≈§¦¤ {Boys' team} ¤¦§≈ then one member of the ≈§¦¤ {girls' team} ¤¦§≈ is supposed to post her Rap and so on
    So, It will go like this: A boy >> A girl >> A boy >> A girl … and so on

    You have the right to rap from ten up to 20 lines, but if your rap lines exceeded that number then I'm sorry to say that the additional lines will be cancelled and no points will be scored for the additional lines

    The more powerful and meaningful your rap is the more Points will be scored for you as a team and as an individual

    Please be honest and don't copy from other sites and compose your own RAP

    Last point, politeness and respect must be our goal for making this rap succeed


    Boys & Girls Go Go Go Go


    The Rap Battle Judge
    ¤§ж± ±ж≈§¦¤ {$eeking_Truth} ¤¦§≈汤 汦§¤
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  3. SamiAlganhey

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    Yo Yo Yo
    Lets Start it Slow
    Cuz the Girls Dont Know
    How to Rap and how to Flow

    Yo YO yo
    In The Of Allah I Start my Rap
    I do it Every time Cuz I am Arab

    Yo, yo, yo
    All girls Do is talk and Cry
    A Female will never be more like a Guy
    But of course they Always Try
    And we all Know what they do best is lie
    The man goes to Work and she goes to buy
    And their all selfish, to them its all about me, myself and I
    For Now i gotz to go, so I'm Gonna say bye
    So Ladies tell me that I'm Wrong, say it to my eye

    Well, ladies the Guys just started this thang
    Now I'm gonna Go, Then we'll Come back And Finish this Thang

    Till Than

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  5. samiah

    samiah مشرف سابق

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    listen up Ya'll​

    Woman are half of the society no matter what you say
    Your just beating around the Busch,
    and there is no meaning to what you say
    Cuz you know without your mom you wouldn't be here anyway

    Girls nowadays are tough and don't need to cry
    No man deserves a tear from any woman's eye

    Woman prove themselves already
    They don't have to sacrifice their femininity
    She is a Senator, she is a Lawyer
    She is a Doctor and we'll always aim for higher

    So, don't underestimate women power
    Cuz we will set this Rap on fire​
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  7. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    Ok ok OK

    now I am not sure how to start ya banat
    but I'll try to make it simple in a few kalemat
    am glad you responded fast without a chat
    cuz it makes it easier for us to combat

    Samiah says you girls are tough
    I say that's enough
    you know girlz are soft and pretty
    like a rose or a little kitty

    but don't go wrong
    to say that you're strong
    I know you think so, but for how long
    I'll try to explain, so come along

    how long do we have to put-up
    you love your box of make-up
    shop all day till stores close-up
    stroke ur hair all night and then fold-up

    and God forbids your nail breaks
    you go so crazy the whole house shakes
    you look so scary I'd rather see snakes
    am sorry but that's the truth cakes

    Seeking_truth .. did u have to make that rule of 20 lines, smarty!1
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  9. yemenidude

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    yo yo yo this is what i am talking about
    i am going to go easy so follow my route

    i agree with T-K and Sami alganhi
    their words are so sweat, its better than ghandi

    girls talk so much its not even funny
    all they talk about is how to spend money

    No no no you got to be kidding, girls are only in a man's way

    I will wrap it up with a little advice
    and I wont say it twice

    Girls are going to lose for sure
    if youre not satisfied i will put some more

    Score board:

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  11. samiah

    samiah مشرف سابق

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    Boys used to have Respect
    Dignity and honor to stand for whats Right
    Nowadays its the opposite
    Girls have to be tough
    To protect themselves from boys that are Rough

    When there is a good price
    There is nothing best than to have great shoes and a perfect dress
    Looking good untouchable
    sorry if your uncomfortable

    Being a girl is very fun
    Without her the world is numb

    Men used to have fashion
    now cars and cell phones are their passion
    Gel in their hair and hanging chains Trash-en

    Who the hell is TuPac
    Who you take pride in
    Pride comes from Mohamad peace be upon him
    These are the followers for manhag and honor
    Take him as a Role model You'll gain knowledge and power

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  13. samiah

    samiah مشرف سابق

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    This is the last post for me here
    my break is about to finish and I need to study for important exams
    well, I guess it's the boys turn now
    then we will see what Seeking Truth will have to say

    God bless
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  15. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    As far as I know
    you girls like Tupac
    u believe he's alive and so
    your brains need to grow
    or maybe you're just slow
    your batteries running low
    anyway, let's go on with the show

    take a look at the old Yemeniat
    they used to be tough with 7usn niat
    but nowadays Yemeniat .. really khabethat
    they wanna watch TV day and night
    gossip 24/7 and more than that
    u tell them to cook 3aseed
    they say, I don't wanna get fat
    my hands are too delicate for that
    daddy I need a manicure, padicure, and a cat
    eysh min jeel hatha .. you should be knocked out flat
    for being such a spoiled brat
    you got that .. or do u still wanna chat


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    SINCERE عضو

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    Asslam alikom

    u got that right

    nice job
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  19. الشاب عادل

    الشاب عادل قلم ماسي

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    are we in the club or a forum?"??