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    These *Forum Rules have been established to help maintain a civilized and friendly Environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the Discussions that can be found here. It is important that you read this Page thoroughly, to avoid any potential Rules Violations.


    Make sure the topic you will post is not repeated; otherwise we will send it to the Archive section

    Make sure you don’t post more than 2 topics daily; otherwise we delete some of your topics
    this gives the topics the desired attention of member comments including your own topics.
    Make sure you write the word "Copied" when posting a topic from a different ***site, and When quoting an article, story, poem, review or any written material, you must mention the author, if known to you

    1-Any member replies in any topic or a whole topic in Arabic is going to be immediately deleted or transfered to the section that belongs to it, except An arabic topic for translation to english

    2- THE Chat Topic is the one and only topic in the English forum you can talk in Arabic, German or any language, like any other chat topic in the majlis.

    3- posting translation topics in arabic or requesting a translation from Arabic to English is acceptable

    4-writing an Arabic word in English letters is acceptable if
    necessary like salam, inshallah

    5-it is acceptabe to write in arabic, if the meaning of the word in english might totally change the message you want to send especially if it’s a verse from the Quran or Hadith. but plz write always a translation!

    Reply respectfully on each others topics and enriching the forum with your creative and spectacular topics will be great enough to raise the forum to it's best.

    Remember that we are here for each other to improve the english language and support each other. Therefore, any hatred, grudge or underestimating for any of the members will be strongly rejected.

    No Misquotations or Misrepresentations of other Posters. This is considered Libel.

    Do not raise old topics, that exceeds 10 days after its last reply; Any member raises old topics his/her replies will be automatically deleted

    All requests and posts should be posted in the English forum requests topic. Otherwise; the request topic will be moved to the archive

    No posting of *Flames or Material intended to start a *Flame War.

    All Posts has to be in the English Language only

    To report a Rule Violation, or if you have any Questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the Moderators..

    No *Thread may exist designated exclusively for Response from a specific Gender, Ethnicity, Orientation, Religion, Public, etc. Such a Thread will be deleted. The entire Concept of a *Forum is for anyone to post their Opinions and Thoughts, providing they are On-Topic, on any Threads he or she sees fit.

    As an Example

    ...This is a Question ONLY for the Men to... = No Good!!!
    ...This is a Question for the Men to... = Is OK!!!

    No Poster Names in Thread Headings are allowed, unless specific approved Circumstances exists.

    Do not post TELEPHONE Numbers, or Emails for any reason Whatsoever
    this is considered 'Forum Spam'

    Cursing is forbidden

    A Moderator may delete or edit a Post to either remove Off-Topic ......., Insults, or just to make a Comment intended to assist keeping the *Forums on Track.

    Do Not Post Spam!

    Forum Spam: *Forum Spamming is characterized by the Initiation of Threads or Posts that contribute nothing to a *Forum,
    be it "Off-Topic" or "On-Topic". Examples include: empty Messages, Messages with few words that have no relation to the current Thread or Discussion, and those Posts that state they are Spam, either to annoy or increase a Member's post Count. This Determination is made by the *Forum Moderator

    These are additional rules gathered with some of brother Al aseeb's rules that were posted previously

    May Allah bless you all
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  3. samiah

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    I would like to remind you of some of the Rules in this section

    1- I noticed some of you don't know where the Admin section is, it's
    at the end of the page in the majlis it's called

    (قسم الملاحظات)

    every member has the right to ask for an explanation there by opening a topic dedicated to the moderator or the admin
    such as

    1- deleted Topics or comments
    2-a question for the admin that concerns the majlis or the section
    3-A question against the strategy of the moderator or the admin

    any of those topic's get posted in the section will be transferred to the admin section Where you only can see your topic besides the moderators. please understand that these topics do not give a good image infront of new members.

    4-please show your respect for a members important topic by sharing your thoughts with him\her , any off topic comments or chat will be deleted, you can invite your friend to the chat if you want to talk.

    5-please Respect and commit to the Rules of this section, to keep the section interesting and up to date

    Thank you
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    thank you for reading:M4:

    we wish you a wonderful time in the english section:)

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