light and dark

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    The story of the Light versus the Darkness is one that everyone thinks that they know. The Light is good and the Dark is bad. However, this is too broad of a generalization, for not all of those who follow the Light can be considered to be "good," and many good people do indeed follow the Dark, you may even know a few yourself.

    Underneath all of the issues the Light and the Dark are very simple. It simply has to do with one's personal point of view. A person who sees the world as a bad place, who sees nothing good anywhere he or she turns, and who thinks that there is no hope of anything better is someone who has a "dark" mind. These people are not necessarily followers of the Dark, but they ARE the basis of that particular orientation. On the other hand, a person who has a positive outlook on life, who tries to find the good in everything, and who often tries to point out that the world is not as bad as people think is a person who is of the Light. Neither one of these ways of thinking is necessarily right or wrong, and both can make good arguments for their own point of view, which is where, ultimately, the problem lies.

    Over the years, all of the wars and conflicts that have taken place for anything other than land disputes have been somehow in the form of Light against Dark (in the universe of Firefly Cross, not necessarily always true in our own history). People who had extreme opinions on either side would spark up problems. Once the problems had begun, other people who would normally have been more in the middle, would choose one side or the other based on their opinions at that time, and wars would develop. This is how the whole problem began. The designations of "Light" and "Dark" began to be used to differentiate between the two sides, for "good and evil" were not appropriate since neither side was good and neither side was evil. For it is true that too much light can do as much or more harm than too much darkness, and wherever you find one, the other must surely exist. They are exact opposites, but there will never be one without the other, they must balance each other.

    As a quick explination of these two sides as they related to the different conflitcs that arose:


    Light: Since people who follow the Light tend to be rather positive, optimistic people, those who fight for this side have a positive view of the world itself. They tend to put a lot of faith in humanity and what humanity is capable of. They also prefer to see the good side of everything rather than the bad. The negative aspect of many people who side with the Light is that they have a tendacy to gloss over the bad and ignore it, never fixing problems merely living with them. A leader for the Light may try to conquer the world simply to see if he can, out of sheer confidance in himself. (Such as Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, or Napoleon did)

    Dark: Followers of the Dark with be those with very pessimistic attitudes. They find fault with everything in the world, and humans are one of the greatest sources of those faults. They like to use creatures that aren't human and can be easily controlled, giving anyone too much freedom is a recipe for disaster in their eyes. The negative aspect of the Dark's view is that nothing positive can ever come from it, there are always more and more prblems to solve, the world is never a good enough place for them. A leader of the Dark may try to conquer the world in order to force his view on how things should be done upon the people, in other words conquer in the name of an idea. (Such as Hitler and the Nazis attempted - there were many people who saw them as heros, and as the Christians acted in the Crusades.)