The democracy without rules

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  1. محمد المنصري

    محمد المنصري عضو متميّز

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    Dear sisters and brothers

    I wonder how the moderator election is going

    I did it in a wrong way! maybe others
    But why

    Either Adel or Al3aseeb should say it explicitly
    Sami is the one

    they have to make it more accurate, ruled and clear elections

    I can make new memberships and nominate the one I need

    I can nominate three, four , or hundred of names, and I did it before, then I am not sure how Adel and Al3aseeb calculate the votes

    We may select a person who does not want it

    SO, I guess the elections should be redone again

    First, state the rules
    Second, give somedays for the guys to nominate themselves
    Third, give the members a week or so to elect the one they want

    Fourth, moderators, organizers and adminstrators should keep themselves away of the election, otherwise, it is like when Mr. President says: Ok my people, we want to elect somebody for being blablabla, and I will elect this man, it is your time

    It is really messy overhere


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  3. العسيب

    العسيب مشرف سابق

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    Dear brother Mohmmed

    u are right and dont worry about this I think MR .ADEL knows about that and those member that we dont' know we r' nt' goin to consider their vote

    Those mebers are new registered
    their vote is invalid until unless they have more than
    participations or more

    i think its fear

    what do u think friends

    And sorry brother ADEL for doing this but i think such roles should be mentioned
    i hope am right ?????

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  5. العربي اليماني

    العربي اليماني عضو فعّال

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    True ... Last election the result was 12/12 drawn ,suddenly everything have changed
    Twenty new members from other forums voted and drived Sami away
    I suggest to set a rule regarding this concern,the voter should have not less then 50 participants in the english forum to be aligible for voting
    Thanks munasri 4 ur important points and posts along almjlis alyemani forum ... Regards