Snow........ Snow......Snow

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  1. samiah

    samiah مشرف سابق

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    brothers and sisters who live in the west
    Who made a snow man this winter

    I tried to make one me and my brother were all prepared and excited, then we made a little snow ball to roll it over the snow ,so the snow can stick to the ball... ok,..... I'm roooollllling and rooolliing , the ball is not getting bigger, instead of that, it's getting smaller whyyyyyyy :confused: , is the snow this winter different :eek: , it's the same way I made my snow ball the previous winter ..... how come this time it's falling apart

    that is not cooooool, I want a snow man!!
    :cool: :confused:

    At that day , I ended up shovelling the snow with my brother
    :cool: :cool:

    :D <<<it's not funny
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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    Yes It Is Funny Lol

    How Can The Snow Be Getting Smaller The More U Roll It Ummmmmm .. Lemme Think .. Ummmmmmm
    Well .. I Donno .. U Must Be Doing Something Wrong
    Or Ur Snow In The West Is Different From Our Snow
    In The East

    Well .. Am Glad Our Snow Is Still The Same Hahahahaha

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  5. lenamaghribi

    lenamaghribi عضو

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    Why don't you make a snow woman? :)

    Just kidding, when I was in Canada, I have no interest to do a snow man or even to play on snow. It was horrible weather with less than -30C and 1.30m of snow.

    Hope to go again to snow land and live there forever.

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  7. صغير المجلس

    صغير المجلس عضو

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    one of ur brother might have added some water

    that is way it melts
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  9. العربي اليماني

    العربي اليماني عضو فعّال

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    I will tell you the reason....hope it's right
    at night the temperture degree gets high up to 20c or
    more then at day time it gets warmer and some times hot the ice balls are melting while rolling

    HeHeHe...this is my answer and allah knows everything

    thanks for the nice post​
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  11. Rita Alshoaibi

    Rita Alshoaibi مشرف سابق

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    we couldnt make a snowman, because we didnt have snow here............we are so poor

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  13. حنين الغد

    حنين الغد قلم فضي

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    i havn't made a snow man either cause of the same reason u had ahahahaha:p

    when i was a kid i used to make them and take pictures with it cause he is my star :cool:

    good luck on the next snow man u make hope the snow will stand for u ...................u know say the magic words:D
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  15. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    First, Great Subject

    As far as The Snow Man Goes... This Year is not like any other Year
    I live in Chicago, IL. But I didn't see one Snow Man So far. Why You Might Ask??? Well, the weather changes ever 4 hours these days. I wake up in the Morning and its -5 degrees, I go to work and Lunch time its 35 degrees. I go home at 6:30pm and its 15 degrees.
    You see what I mean... The Snow Has to be cold at all times in order for it to say Still the Tempter can not be jumping up and down if you were to make a Snow Man

    Well, that's My side of that
    And Allah Knows All

    P.S. I wouldn't go out to make a Snow Man if they Paid me
    its Cold, And Cold aint Fun Sister

    Thanks Again
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  17. Hunting-Lover

    Hunting-Lover قلم ذهبي

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    I hate snow... I don't get along with it at all...
    Im really surprised that all of love snow...
    But have you ever been to a snowy weather???
    It is freezing right here and also right now...
    If you want to be frozen then you could be the snow man your self..
    thx Sister
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  19. محمد المنصري

    محمد المنصري عضو متميّز

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    You are right

    but it comes so heavy one day last week or the one before it here in Essen

    But, unfortunately, after two hours, it rained and everything has gone

    It was a dream, but I made some pics with my sons at least