a crime story

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    The manor-house

    “Hurry up, Jessy, we have to leave soon if we want to arrive before dusk. You know that the house is difficult to find, don´t you?“ “Oh, Mum, it´s only five, come on, we have got a map, so don´t be excited!“
    I have always hated it when my Mum saw problems where there were none; she just worries too much. Nevertheless, I was also pretty nervous facing the fact that we won´t be living here anymore in about one day time, as my parents bought a nice big villa which was about a three-hour drive away from where we had been living up to then. I did not care very much about the fact that we were moving away as I could never really relate to the region where we lived and so it was actually a welcome change to my more or less exciteless life.
    I saw my Mum standing by the car getting more and more impatient and having that special look on her face she always had when she could not wait any longer. She gave me an admonishing glance which made me feel guilty in a way but somehow also stubborn and rebellious.
    In order to avoid further quarrels I shook a leg and, giving my Mum an evil eye, climbed into the Jeep which should take us to our new home in the middle of nowhere. Indeed, the region we moved into was completely abandoned but apparently beautiful though, as I knew the area from pictures. I was told that next to our villa there was a quite old, run-down, dilapidated manor-house built in the eighteenth century with strange things and activities going on there, some kind of supernatural occurences. I have known something like that only from books or TV series before and I wondered, yes, I was even curious, whether it existed in reality, too.
    Soon after we left we were driving along a dark, narrow path. Only the flashlights of the car lit up the darkness and I began to realize that there was something in the air and I could not help thinking that something was close behind, following us. I tried to calm down, pretending it was only tiredness overwhelming me, making me unable to perceive things in an unclouded way. I just did not want to believe it.
    We finally arrived at our new home and the first thing I noticed when I got out of the car was that freezing cold wind blowing against my face, forcing me to hold my breath and to narrow my eyes. The sun had already gone down, and now the moon was about to come up, but its light was still to weak to illuminate the sky. I looked above, trying to recognize the height of the villa, but the darkness made it impossible to see the roof clearly. My Mum who began unloading the Jeep did not pay any attention to me and while I was reconnoitering the backyard my parents carried everything into the villa. I started to shiver but I did not know whether it was only the wind or something else; but suddenly, standing motionless in fron of thick shrubberies, I felt an icy breeze passing my cheeks. Pushing the bushes aside, the sight of the huge manor-house at least as big as a castle, with strung-out glass windows, massive concrete walls and shelves with ornaments caught my eye.
    I felt frightened but curious as well as I gazed at that building, and I somehow felt a strong desire to be adventurous and go inside.
    “Jessy, where are you?! Come over here, immediately!“, I suddenly heard my Mum yelling in her grating voice. It seemed there was nothing more left for me than to turn back and help them unloading the Jeep, as it was getting darker and darker. But that sight of the manor-house and the intention to explore it was still in my mind and would not vanish that quickly again.
    After we had unloaded our Jeep completely and had something for dinner, I decided to go to bed and make up my mind about what I would do the next day, which would be taking a closer look at the manor-house. I was about to fall asleep, when I suddenly heard some strange noises from outside, like somebody was laughing sneeringly, first in a quiet and husky manner but then getting louder and shriller, almost artificial. Unable to move I was lying in my bed and tried to interpret the sounds but I couldn´t. I was staring at the ceiling and saw a kind of shadow moving across, my knees began to tremble and soon my whole body did. I wondered whether my parents realized any of these things going on here or whether they were already fast asleep.
    Somehow after a few minutes I managed to fall asleep and the next morning I tried to figure out where the shadow came from and whether I was only imagining it or it was reality. I did not dare to tell my Mum as I had always had the bad experience that she did not really believe me when I told her about unusual occurences of mine. So one day I had decided to keep such things for myself; just for prevention. But apparently she recognized my different behaviour and asked if something was wrong with me, as I had a shocked look in my eyes. I did not know what to think or to say, as I was afraid my Mum would not believe me or listen to me. I did not say a word, hoping that she would interpret my silence correctly. I was just praying that they would know what is actually going on here without me telling them.
    The whole afternoon I spend in my room trying to make up my mind about what I will do tonight. My thoughts did not calm down, I kept thinking about the activities in the manor-house last night and was somewhat curious about the things happening the coming night.
    The hours passed and despite my anxiety and excitement the wish to uncover the mystery of the manor-house was constantly increasing inside of me. Time went towards midnight and suddenly I heard these noises and that low-pitched laughing coming from the manor-house again. I could not resist anymore, grabbed my flashlight and - don´t ask me why - a sheet of paper with a pen and sneaked quietly out of the villa towards the manor-house. Honestly spoken, my heart came up my throat and I have never been that scared and frightened before.
    Just before I could reach the entrance there it was again, this ice cold breeze blowing against my cheek, making me numb for a second and somehow unable to move. My eyes began to water because of the air´s coldness and my feet started to get numb, too. With the greatest effort I could make I moved on until I reached the entrance door which had a narrow gap in it and through which I could crawl inside the house.
    Complete darkness around me, some occasional rays of the moonlight falling through the narrow window cracks and the air filled with dust, I was standing in front of huge wide stairs leading up to the second floor and branching out to the left and right hand side. I could feel the presence of something mysterious and undefinable, coming closer and closer until I felt it standing right behind me. Before I could make a move the heavy creaking, wooden, iron door fell into the lock and raised a lot of dust once more which made me cough intensively.
    I slowly stepped a few metres forward, still shivering, not only because of the coldness but also due to the fear I kept inside of me. I remembered the sheet of paper which I had taken with me, started to tear it into small pieces and with every step I was taking I dropped a piece on the floor, in order to leave a trace to find the way back later on. I looked around and saw nothing but gloominess broken through by moonlight rays; but all of a sudden that shadow appeared at a corner of the stairs leading up. I could literally hear my heart beating and while I gathered all my strength I sensed that breeze of cold air beside my cheeks, but nevertheless I followed the shadowy guise, wondering where it would lead me. All the time I looked around, making sure that everything is where it should be, and quietly moved up the stairs. At the end of the corridor a little girl standing on the windowsill caught my eye, the window was wide opened and a terrible storm raging outside; her long curled hair was waving into my direction and she was dressed with only a light laced ivory dress.
    She slowly bent over the windowsill, I could not bear that sight and ran towards her in order to hold her back, but just before I could grab her, she disappeared and I, not being able to hold to the sill, fell over and counted myself for lost -
    “Jessy, Jessy, are you okay, oh my God, look at her, Jessy, what did you do, give us a sign, please!“
    “This - girl... the windowsill, ... stormy - the sight ... could not bear - falling - ...“
    I slowly regained consciousness, still dizzy in my head, and tried to puzzle the pieces of events together to get a complete picture. I could only remember the girl in the dress standing on the windowsill and the next thing I realized was myself floating along a tunnel of light, light blue and white colours everywhere, at the end of which was a bright gleaming ball of light. The nearer I came the warmer and more pleasant it got, but short before I was absorbed by the brightness there was darkness again and I perceived some familiar voices, first far away but then I was becoming more aware of them. I could finally open my eyes and while I still tried to remember and to put single events into a logical order, out of the corner of my eye I could see a shadow moving by our house, apparently waving to me.
    Although I had enough of being led up the garden path I still had this touch of curiosity inside of me and, giving a short excuse to my amazed parents, I left the house and followed the shadow. In front of the door of the manor-house the small pieces of paper which I had dropped on the floor the previous night were put together again, and on the sheet written with dusty letters was:
    “Thank you for rescuing me, my sufferings are over.“