How is Life in Yemen? 1

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    I live in the west NYC and I have some questions for anyone living in Yemen. I am interested in the technology situation

    For example, how fast is the internet speed can you watch videos from easily.
    If so check my channel that contains Yemeni Videos.
    and let me know what you think

    Another question is how much does it cost to get high speed internet connection at home. If you are more tech savvy then maybe you can tell me if you get a unique IP with open ports and if you have to go through a proxy. 1

    How much does it cost to host a website in Yemen? 1

    How much technology is used in Yemeni schools? 1

    I have too many questions because I want to consider investing in Yemen and these are just some of the basic questions I need answers for.

    Thank you ahead of time for your help.
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  3. Rita Alshoaibi

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    the other questions i cant answer, because i dont know them but i hope u will find someone who will answer that