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    Am I in love I hear you ask…..
    Yes, because…..

    Every time I close my eyes I see myself amongst the people in Jannah rejoicing
    I keep dreaming of myself praising my lord while my soul is in a green bird, flying

    The only scent I love is the sweet aroma of my blood that gushes out when I attack the enemy
    The beauty of my sword can outdo everything in the world I have seen

    The strong feelings I have are also hard to describe
    The burning desire to defeat the kuffar increases every night

    I get restless as I wait, because I am a man of action
    I am starving to destroy those pagans with both my hands and guns

    I smile continuously because I am doing the peak of Islam
    I cry out of fear of my lord and not to be misguided by the world

    The mesmerising and charming voice of my bride in Jannah is what I hear time to time
    Telling me to carry on doing what I am in love with and assuring everything will be fine

    What am I in love with? I hear you say
    Isn't it obvious my dear brother?
    It's the best thing, jihad in Allah's way!

    by (salafi_jihaadi)