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    By Raddad Al Sallami :
    That you would live with your own point of view , with that that is true to you , that would be too true to all human beings … this is the so called ingenuity
    Myself and so what am I ? Even though my characteristics are scarce ad tiny and need no certificate of secondary education completion that could be ascertains of mine or having certainty of somebody of my colleagues either..… Thus all that is really important to me is that thing I have to do and nothing to do what others believe I should do
    It really is difficult to live in this world according to the world involved desire…… and at the same time it is indeed so easy to live in isolation with your own views and with your own beliefs ….. Nevertheless the great man is he who holds on amongst such crowded masses in a complete smoothness in independency freedom …..
    Do your job , other would surely know you throughout it …… Do the job you born for and this in turn would assess the self and remember the man should always percept what sort of blind deceitfulness that could be represented by the game of mentioned constrain.
    The foolishness and the stableness is the boggy the narrow-mindedness … while the great man should have nothing to do in common with stability as a whole… try hard to express of what you really feel now and that should be in genuine strong verses … try seriously to express tomorrow with what tomorrow itself bears for thoughts, new ideas and that too should accented in the strongest words too even though these would contradict with what already been explained today.
    Do the righteousness just now …. Be defying the prospective ness … for that is the right for everyone eternally … and for the reason is that the genuine true man belongs never to any time or to any place. The real man is being there over the nature is being there. He is the one to measure you and measure all human beings too besides the events going on…. every real true man is regarded as the cause for a nation and the ideal for an epoch of an era. Hadn’t before the prophet Mohammed been born to create millions of genuine brains which later became planted on and based on such a creativeness in favor of ingeniousness for tremendous lots of generations to come after ? History too is all the time over would be self melting only in the advantage of some few of men of boldness and trustfulness …
    Just please stop this untrue hospitality.. This false sympathies... hold up to satisfy the expectations of those betrayed , and those swindlers to whom we address with sweet mellow speeches … Tell them better , oh yah fathers , you mum … you beloved you sweet heart … you brother …. Oh my any friend … it was true that I lived with you for a while and so far and that had been in just for the sake of superficial showiness you all live in .. But from now on I would belong to truth only, and would obey no law except the law of eternal truth.
    Hence right from here my advantages , yours and the others lie in living the truth for whatsoever longer we are destined to live therein in falseness, and does today too seems to be rouge either?

    Published in Yemen Times
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  3. المتوكل بالله

    المتوكل بالله عضو فعّال

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    thank u for ur hard effort and the great work
    and i will be back to ur subject

    best wishes
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  5. المطرقه

    المطرقه قلم ماسي

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    نجم المجلس اليمني 2009
    O brother Raddad
    Mashallah,do you mind if i asked you,where did you learn to write in such excelent english?
    the mind is genuinly yemenies for sure.:)
    Best regards..