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    Hey dear brothers and sisters,
    I found this article in a yemeni site for youth. It is really amazing and has strong language.

    Wish u enjiy the article and the site also

    Written by Eman Hatim, UK
    Wednesday, 01 November 2006

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as a strong emotion but to me, it is felt as a hair lifting, body prickling fever. Its potency is mind engulfing, action steering and vision sharpening. Its pronunciation and effect is as sweet as the fruit it is named after, as mellow as it too, once honed into the befitting mindset.
    Without it, the soul won’t smile, the hands won’t graft and the adrenaline won’t kick. In its absence, the exciting is tainted to the mundane, the minutes to hours and desire to necessacity. Arrayed with its state of mind, hunger is driven to fullness without food, the married to love without ... and the mad to intelligence without scrutiny. It is the engine that fuels the bounce out of bed, the mentoring companion at exhaustive times and the colour that sets alight one’s iris’s against their blood tinted cheeks.
    Who needs it? Well, the young lack it, the mature fear it and the elderly wish they had it. The Yemeni’s…..ah the Yemeni’s, in all their armored valorous gear, have heard of it but are unable to grapple it. They laugh at it in a love driven man and they despise it in a square eyed worker. To them, it is a blasphemy as well as a novelty. An obscenity to the brown eyed Bedouin but a novelty for the blue eyed blonde. A malediction which defies culture stands tall against prying eyes and abhorrent to repetitiveness. It is the freshness that has set up Western nations, urbanized concepts and turned the simple to substantial. So why not pursue it?
    Oh thy whom call yourselves Yemenis, you assert such majestic words of your attachments to innovation and distinctiveness, your stance of dignity and poise of solidness. Why oh why are thy words in saying and not in action? Why are your pockets, concern of chatter and the unknown your navigator? Why is it such that in your eyes, the diminutive path is paved in gold? Why oh why is the serving tray always to be handed without a set of working hands?
    Look and do not simply see my words, reflect and do not read my que’s and feel but do not touch my words. What within you is mislaid? What within our nation is flawed? What within Arabs is shunned?
    For me, the answer settles in the undersized beings, the miniature versions of us. THE CHILDREN. Teeth are no longer premolars, molars and canines to me but alluringly transform into pearls within beautiful oysters. They drive me, push me, challenge me and make me appreciate that there is more to teeth than enamel, dentine and pulp. They do this by imparting the wisdom that a person indeed lies beneath the set of jewels and that a triangle of two large hobbits accompany them with whom I have to negotiate with. Those children have gifted me with PASSION.
    Passion for them and for what I do. Passion which amplifies the heart felt reward towards my daily work and passion which irradiates me with the longing that this may be a way for me to enter heaven. Passion in knowing that what I do is not for the money but for the honey and passion that some day, I may be remembered for the giggle I stirred and the tear I brushed away and not for the hole I drilled.
    I have found my passion… have you, yes you, Al Shaab Al Yemeni. Have you?

    this is the site