exhibition of the German artist Berno Heitmann. Heitmann

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    exhibition of the German artist Berno Heitmann. Heitmann

    On Wednesday the 1st of November 2006 Al-Saeed Foundation For Sciences & Culture will open an exhibition with the German artist Berno Heitmann. Heitmann participates with his oil paintings for the third time this year in the Yemeni cultural scene. Each of the 20 paintings exhibited this time expresses a certain thought by the use of strong colors and Calligraphy. The opening of the exhibition will take place at 10 a.m. November 1st at Al-Saeed Gallery which is located in the main building of Al-Saeed Foundation For Sciences & Culture. The exhibition will continue until November 11th 2006.

    Berno Heitmann:

    Born 1969 in Hamburg, Germany
    Worked as a lawyer in Germany
    Works now as a Representative of a Non Governmental Organization in Yemen
    Participated in the past in different exhibitions:
    Exhibition in Berlin, Germany 2000
    Exhibition in Hanover, Germany, 2003
    Exhibition in Amman, Jordan 2004
    Exhibitions in Sana'a and Hajja, Yemen 2006​