El Nino

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    El Nino

    From the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch Newspaper. (Proof that there's Jons and Judis everywhere...)

    Just blame Al.

    El Nino's been blamed for a lot of ugly weather. So has Al Nino.

    Alfonso Nino, listed in the phone book as "Al" has fielded a few calls from hotheads who for some reason think a weather phenomenon would have a telephone. Nino (pronounced NEE-no) was awakened at 2 am recently by an enraged, foul mouthed woman complaining about the weather. Nino, a retired Navy man who lives near San Luis Obispo, replied in suitably nautical language and hung up. "It's happened at least a half dozen times," Nino said. "It's always something like, Why are you doing this? And I say, "Well, I didn't really have anything else to do. I thought maybe it would be kind of fun. I usually joke around with them a bit"