What're You Intending To Do

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    brothers and sisters
    Asalam alikam wa rahamat allah wa brkato

    how old are you
    how old will you live
    do you know when you're going to die
    think about it
    re-think about it
    it's a serious issue
    think about it deeply
    if you do so, you'll find out that you think death will never touch you till you reach 60s or may be over 60s

    but I want you to ask yourself seriously

    did those people who died while being young adult knew it

    don't you think that those who died while doing sins thought the same way

    brothers and sisters time is a big deal

    one second can make a difference

    you may not think that the death will come to you while committing a sin.

    you might say," well, I'm to do this and that till I get older then I will repent" and this is a fallacy from the satan.

    you and I feel happy when the boring minutes pass

    but we don't know that those minutes are part of our lives

    we don't know that we lost such part of our lives

    brother and sisters

    Ramadan is coming up

    Ramadan is the month of Quran

    the month of Badr

    the month of Jihad

    the month of patience

    patience of being away from the wrong things

    patience for being worshiping Allah

    patience for being nice with your family and relatives

    so let's make Ramadan the month of repenting

    let's go back to our creator

    let's go back to who calls you every night to come back

    let's make this ramadan our door to paradise and our protective from the hell

    but there is something to point out

    don't be Ramadan worshiper
    but Allah's worshiper

    I ask Allah to support us against one of his creatures which is Satan