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    metabolic acidosis
    decresed blood PH and decreased blood bicarbonate
    with respiratory compensation through hypeventilation(decreased arterial Pco2)
    your clues in dignosis and managment of this disorder are the physical examination of the patient
    and estimation of the Anion gap
    Anion gap=(Na+K)-(Hco3+Cl)

    Anion gap metabolic acidosis;(more than 14)
    the cause are kusmule;(Mnemonic)

    Keto acidosis(diabetic ;alcoholic malnutrition) history exam. blood sugar and alcohol levels
    Uremia check renal function test and electrolytes
    Salicylate poisoning elevated level in blood causes mixed metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis in adult with near normal PH
    Methanol poisoning methanole is used in paint thinner;characterized by presence of large osmolar gap
    Lactic acidosis;present in cases of sepsis and ischemi(febrile or hypotensive patint)
    Ethylene glycole toxic ingestion;used in anti freeze is frequently associated with large osmolar gap ;renal failure ;hypocalcemia and crystlluria.

    Nonanion gap metabolic acidosis

    Renal tubular acidosis

    NB; normal compensation(Pco2 decreasesby1 to 1.5mghgfor each 1-meq decrease in Hco3)
    NB;plasma osmolarity is calculated as follows;
    2 times Na +BUN divided by 2.8 +glucose divided by 18
    Also plasma osmolarity can be measured directly.
    osmlar gap=measured os.-calculated osmolarity
    Normaly less than 10

    Finaly remember Aniongap metabolic acidosis is caused by KUSMLE
    Non aniongap metabolic acidosis is caused either by diarrhea or R.T.A

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    great smeer

    i`ll discuss this issue another time

    keep this effort grow up
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    الاخ B-s-m
    شكرا على المرور
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    درجه من الاستفاده العلميه.
    وساقوم بكتابة بعض الاسئله التقييميه حول الموضوع قريبا جدا