Ministry of Information, Tourism and dancing on the wounds of the nation!

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    ِِِUnder the Ttardhh a nation today in Palestine and Lebanon in particular murder The devastation, destruction and the destruction at the hands of the Jews Qbham Allah, Atham, some people live Governments in the world, rich and fabulous immorality and side festivals singing! Even countries of faith and wisdom these days maintains summer festival Sanaa song, signed Wounds and devastation and destruction of our brethren in Palestine and Lebanon, from God. Even Yemen space instead of sympathy with our brothers in Palestine and Lebanon broadcast songs The serials teenage orgies, and perhaps everybody has heard of what had happened to her sister Maha Albrihi Because of objections to the series of Grammy is not commensurate with the events! Is this faith that God is by your description of the people of faith! Ahth wisdom oh people of faith and wisdom! We hope that the people supporting the gift of support is indispensable and brothers, Jenoa fun! Had deposited rulers remained hopes of the peoples to peoples Is their rulers! Have concluded that the nation is the least rational people Taattak humiliates the individual and the people M'saitk It ordered the home and end the evil.