The Rabbit; Areyou like it?I hope no

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    Once upon the time, there was a rabbit. It was walking in a straight path, and then it got to the end of it. There were many other paths in the end branching from the straight one. The rabbit did not know which one to be taken. There was a wise man standing. The rabbit asked him to help it choose a path. He asked the rabbit, "Where do you want to go?" the rabbit replied, "I don't know." The wise man suggested, "So choose any path since you have no destiny" "It won't make any difference to you"
    This is the typical of those who go wherever without knowing what wherever is. The same goes for your future, before you start, there must be a goal. In other words, to start, there must be a goal. The same go for your religion, before you die, you must specify which path you want to be in; the path of righteousness or the path of sinfulness. I ask my lord, Allah, to guide us to the straight path that makes Him satisfied with us.
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    Great Post
    Thank You, You do have a point here. I like this post, i really do
    Thanks again, I hope to see more of this or read more of what you got to share. 2006
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