Campaign Against Honor Killings & Forced Marriages- Please Support, Uk

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    Over the past few years, especially recently, there have been a lot of honor killings in the UK, most of them are linked to forced marriages, and not surprisingly, these honor killings have been committed by Muslim people. Recently, a Pakistani girl was brutally murdered by her father, brother and cousin brother, meanwhile her mother and small neices were watching the murder. the neices as small as 2 and 4 yrs old were compelled to stand and watch, so if they tried to do something in future, this would be their end. There have been numerous cases, call it illiteracy or plain 'Jahiliya' ignorance, which results in killing their flesh and blood. Me and my friends have decided to set up a campaign against honor killing and forced marriages, and convince the British government that there is a need to impose a strict law which condemns such barbaric activities. and there shall be severe punishment. In previous editions it was mentioned, the government wouldnt impose a law, becoz it would backfire against Muslims. We as Muslims have to prove that it wont backfire us, there is no place for innocent lives killed in the name of honor killings, especially if the girl or the boy have not indulged in anything physically wrong. The Pakistani girl who was murdered wanted to marry a guy of her choice but her parents forced her to marry someone else. In the past there have been cases such as this, where a Kurdish girl was murdered, and what not. Stand up against honor killings and forced marriages, there is no place for such things in Islam. Our campaign is going to involve British media, these include>> Islam Channel, Muslim Association of Britain, the Metropolitan Police, The Respect Party which supports Muslims highly and others. Please join our campaign, we shall be sending petitions and please get them signed, this applies to everyone who believes in us, we are focusing in the UK but also, in Muslim countries. We need voices especially from UK but even comments from others for the number of publishing work we are doing in UAE and elsewhere against honor killings. My article on honor killing shall appear in Gulf News enshAllah and Im looking for comments.
    Kindly send me a personal message, with the subject 'Honor killings' so I can easily distinguish who are interested in my campaign.