Be Happy

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  1. Rita Alshoaibi

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    Be Happy
    A river of stars takes me away
    Broken only by your smile
    The mirror of your eyes
    And the consciousness that you feel as I do

    Tender tears
    Touching the bottom of a velvet ocean
    Happily waiting in expectation to meet you there
    They let tremble my heart’s walls

    Dust of the universe
    Endless in future, room and place
    Is joining together your glance and mine
    To a band of magic

    I would like to take your hand
    And dive laughing with you into the sky
    Carried by an unsure tomorrow
    But sure that we will be together

    The wind murmrs his song
    Whispering into the sunset
    Singing about a love
    Which tears the band of time to pieces

    Smiling we will conquer
    Whatever wants to seperate the dust of the universe
    Nothing, really nothing is able to hurt us
    ’Coz the moon is on our side

    Glimmering, silent, mute
    Guardin, whose way we go
    Following your smile’s words
    The rainbow links our worlds

    Your eyes and an ocean of light
    I do not need any more to be happy
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  3. نبراس جبن

    نبراس جبن عضو

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    oh I really liked this poem alot It's remarkable. however it is so romantic and contains uniqe feelings. It's not just to be happy, but it is a feeling that can take a person to the clouds at least thats what i feel when I read these kind of poems.
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  5. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    so touching,thanx for such a a good participation

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    ISLAND_LOVE قلم فضي

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    thanks for being happy dude

    and thanks for the amazing topic

    c ya