Green is the colour of hope

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    Green is the colour of hope

    Layin’ down

    In the green green grass

    Eyes closed

    Darkness in your mind

    Hope’s only in

    the colour around you

    but not for your own

    no aim is focused

    no idea what to do

    and so you’re still

    layin’ in the grass on the ground

    green carpet

    under your body

    light to cover your soul

    strawin’ your feelings

    wind blowin’ into your face

    coolin’ your emotions

    until the end of life

    you’ll never be able

    to cover yourself

    the whole of you

    with a blanket of faith

    faith in yourself

    trust in the world

    and so everything

    you have is

    the missing of green

    in your self-made land

    and your land

    it’s sinkin’ down

    into the darkness

    fillin’ your mind