7 Informal Contractions

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    hello , this is a nice collected lesson

    7 Informal Contractions :cool:

    WANNA know what GONNA means? LEMME show you.

    Have you seen words like "gonna" or "wanna" and wondered
    what they mean? Perhaps you have looked in a dictionary and
    been unable to find them. That's because these words are
    "informal contractions" or short forms of other words that
    people use when speaking informally. They are not exactly
    slang, but they are a little like slang. In fact, if you
    look in a good (big) dictionary, you will usually find them.

    Here are the 7 most common informal contractions, with
    example sentences:

    1. GIMME = give me
    Gimme your money.
    Don't gimme that rubbish.
    Can you gimme a hand?

    2. GONNA = going to
    Nothing's gonna change my love for you.
    I'm not gonna tell you.
    What are you gonna do?

    3a. GOTTA = (have) got a
    I've gotta gun.
    I gotta gun.
    She hasn't gotta penny
    Have you gotta car?

    3b. GOTTA = (have) got to
    I've gotta go now.
    I gotta go now.
    We haven't gotta do that.
    Have they gotta work?
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  3. SamiAlganhey

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    Nice, Thanks SASA. It's true we don't speak English the right way these days. IT's all SLANG words. 2
    Thanks for your Effort
    Best Regards
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  5. al-5ayal

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    r = are
    u = you
    g2g = going to go
    brb = be right back
    tyt = take your time
    hru = how are you
    yo = man
    we say ( hey ) and not ( hi )
    nvm = nevermind
    nm = nothing much
    asap = as soon as possible ( this one you can find it in the dictionary )
    sup = what is up ?
    tc = take care
    ttul or ttus = talk to you later / soon

    + the words mentioned in the origin post

    thanx for this post man

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  7. SamiAlganhey

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    Pretty COOL