Happy Mother's Day

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    Happy Mother's Day
    To all the Sisters and Mothers

    Happiness, like most things, comes from mothers.
    An amniotic universe is rare.
    Paradises aren't found with others,
    Perhaps because we must breathe our own air.
    Yet even after paradise, we find
    Mothers are a bath of warm affection.
    Only mothers' love is truly blind
    To guarantee all errant souls protection.
    However we find love, it can be only
    Evanescences of memories
    Retained from when we never could be lonely,
    'Ere we left our mother's outsized knees.
    So good it is to have that happiness
    Designed to grace each subsequent caress,
    All future love and joy to underlie,
    Yearning backwards towards a mother's sigh.

    With much Love and Respect

    سامي الجانحي