Dangerous illiteracy rise among youth in Yemen

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    SANA’A — A scientific study distributed to the media and published by News Yemen some days ago warned against the existence of a real danger facing the Yemeni youth, males and females, due to aggravation of alphabetical illiteracy and spread of illiteracy of knowledge.

    The study was conducted by 37 researchers in 100 districts of 10 governorates and targeted 3 thousand youths of both sexes. It indicated that 26.9% of youth did not enroll in education, 39.3% had previously joined education and 33.7% are presently enrolled in education. The study attracted the attention that the educational process does not suffer from the quantity and capabilities as much as it’s suffering from corruption of administration, the type of curricula and inefficiency or poor qualification of the teacher and respect of the profession, which should be focused on more than other maters.

    48.4% of those subjected to research were unanimous that the solution for raising the level of education lies in providing efficient teachers, 45% thought in improvement of curricula. The study demanded for more qualification and training of teachers, reforming the administration of schools, and development of curricula in harmony with requirements of development and speeding variables of science and knowledge, and also the curbing of political and partisan investment in the educational process.

    The study focused on studying knowledge and tendencies of the youth and discussing the needs of information. It included the age segment of 13-29 years, and was supervised by the government National Council of Population and the support from international organizations and Yemeni government parties, revealed that the youth do not realize he problem of imbalance between the volume of population and available resources as well as the problems of environment. It revealed that 2.6% of them understand the environment problem and 2.9% are aware of the responsibility concerning the problems of environment, a matter the study deemed as a state heralding a dangerous deterioration required to be faced among the youth circles and should be enlightened about it. The youths were unanimous that the population problems confronting them were those pertaining to economy (27%) and unemployment (23%), and 67% of them view that the solution was in providing job opportunities. The study has revealed that 96.9% of female youth and 89% of male youth do not support the habit of smoking and that of qat-chewing, nonetheless, the study demanded not depend on this result because the youth tendencies in the society tend to cover up the problem instead of admitting it in preparation to solve it.

    On the role of youth and their social participation, the study explained that 80.7% view that their participation in elections is very important against 3.1% who think of the non-importance of their taking part in elections. The study considers this a positive development of awareness concerning the importance of political participation through elections, some of them attributed rating 26.7% attributed non-participation in political activities to the spread of illiteracy and 20% to non-conviction in the importance of participation.

    On the sexually communicable diseases, 53% of the polled youth view that they are aware of the diseases transferred sexually, 70% from male youth, and 95% of them know that AIDS is one of those diseases, while 78.8% of them mentioned they knew about those diseases through television programs and other media instruments and awareness symposiums.

    The study stressed the importance of focusing on rural areas in holding symposiums dealing with reproduction health topics and finding suitable ways to reach the youth who are not enrolled in schools in order to enlighten them on matters related to re[production health.
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