.......Habshoosh: Kids Letters To God.......

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    What do u think about that ?
    so nice 2 read it i think ....
    I Wonder what Yemeni kids :D will write???


    Dear God ,
    I am American
    What are you ?

    Dear God ,
    I f u give me Genie lamp like Alladin
    I will give you anything you want
    except my money or my chess set .

    Dear God ,
    instead of letting people die and haveing to make new ones
    Why don't you just keep the ones you got now?

    Dear God ,
    If you watch in church on:D Sunday
    I will show you my new shoes.
    Mickey d.

    Dear God ,
    I do not think anybody could be a better god .
    Well i just want you to know but i am not saying that because you are god.

    Best Regards ​