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    VANDAM AL-YEMEN عضو نشيط

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    1- who loses money loses much

    who loses a friend loses much more

    who loses faith loses much much more

    but who loses you lose all

    2- Love is not just a word to say.....Love is not a game.....Love is and tomorrow...Love is a rose in garden want to stay;-)

    3- In This Darkness There's a Life That I Can't Find
    Maybe It's Too Far Away or Maybe I'm Just Blind

    4- Happy New Year

    Hope that 2005 was good

    But Wish that 2006 would be better

    5- to forget me its up to you
    but to forget you I will never do

    6- Year 2006 is on the way
    "wish U"
    Soft as Silk
    White as Milk
    Sweet as Honey
    and Full of Love and Money

    7- flowers say if you love me don't cut me
    and I say if you love me don't forget me

    8- you're the rainbow after the rain

    you're the smile when I am in pain

    when I am crippled you lend a hand

    I am so blessed you are my friend..

    9- feel good when somebody miss u

    feels better when someone loves u

    and feel best when somebody never forgets u

    10- Joy, Happiness

    Love, and, caring

    Smiles, Roses

    Health, Wealth

    Hopes and Success are

    some of my wishes

    for you on

    The New Year

    11- If in my Dreams is the only place I can see you..... Then I want to sleep 4 ever

    Please if anyone any messages

    please add them
    for everyone
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  3. esmhan

    esmhan عضو

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    thank you brother for the nice messeges
    here is others hope u like it

    You can fall in the water
    You can fall in the sea
    But the best way to fall
    is to fall in love with me!

    you broke me in pieces,
    you made my life a living hell.

    the pain will last forever!

    once I loved you,
    now I hate you!!!!

    there are a billion stars in the sky,
    but the only one I care for,
    is the one that’s reflected in your eyes,
    because it’s so beautiful

    I have a dream,
    a dream that never came true,
    because it’s a dream,
    a dream about you...

    I’ve never had
    a dream come true,
    till the day
    that I found you!!!

    You are my sweetheart
    day by day
    and I hope you will never go away
    Stay with me all my life
    Until the death has been arrived
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  5. esmhan

    esmhan عضو

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    I know you’re having a hard time
    but believe in me
    tomorrow it ill be better
    and one day
    tomorrow will come

    If I had a flower
    for every time
    you made me smile,
    I’d be walking
    in an endless garden

    By the way..
    I want to say Before you go..
    I love you so..
    Whenever you are.
    Whatever you do.
    Remember this!
    I will always love you

    I love you forever,
    forget you never,
    love you so,
    hate you never

    i am just a girl
    i am just a person
    i am just some one that is nice
    i am just a girl and a person that is nice
    and also in love with you

    I love three tings:
    the sun, the moon and you.
    the sun for the day,
    the moon for the night

    and you forever

    Never say goodbye,
    we never lose each other
    Because I love you!!
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    VANDAM AL-YEMEN عضو نشيط

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    thanks esmhan for this help