Without You

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  1. Bero

    Bero الجهاز الإداري

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    Without You

    After a long winter spring is finally here
    Birds are singing and love is in the air
    I can smell the freshness here and there
    And see its beauty everywhere
    I walk down the streets thinking of you
    I see lovers holding hands and it makes me miss you
    I wonder if you can ever see
    Without you what is it like to be me

    Flower buds opening on the trees
    Falling softly with the cool breeze
    Tulips bursting from the ground
    Such colorful scenery all around
    I sit by the garden and think of you
    Colors are everywhere yet I feel so blue
    I wonder if you will ever have a clue
    What is it like to sit here and miss you

    There is such a joy in the spring
    Makes the bluebird want to sing
    It makes the sunshine put a smile
    You only see every once in a while
    I feel the warmth of its ray
    And I wish to you I could fly away
    I wonder if my prayers you can hear
    You will know how much I need you my dear

    Summer rain burns my skin
    As I feel the desire deep within
    I walk alone in the rain
    To wash away my tears and pain
    Will there ever come a day
    When you will be here forever to stay
    I wonder if there will ever be a time
    When you will know what goes on
    In this lonely heart of mine

    I sit by the window on a sleepless night
    I see crystals of stars all over the sky
    A cool breeze passes by and I feel the chill
    As if your finger tips are on my skin giving me the thrill
    I swear I can feel you right by my side
    And I miss you even more on this lonely night
    I wonder if you can ever feel this blue
    To realize what is it like to be here without you​

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  3. العقرب الصغير

    العقرب الصغير قلم فضي

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    thanks dear i hope more same this
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  5. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    WOW, Great Poem
    I really Like It

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  7. بن حارث

    بن حارث عضو متميّز

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    Ohh u know son i like u coz u remeber me the nice days in miami city
    ohh really i'm feeling good, the summer is comeing soon and i will get more and more fun on this Summer

    thx son give us more. See ya
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  9. Bero

    Bero الجهاز الإداري

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    Thanks for you all....This pushed me up
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  11. lonely man

    lonely man عضو متميّز

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    what i can say more
    really i love it too much

    go a head
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  13. حنين الغد

    حنين الغد قلم فضي

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    wow this is so nice.

    i am not really into poems but after reading yours i am starting to like it.

    keep up the good work bero