???????What Is ISLAM???????

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    Islam means to surrender all matters to the one and only mighty God (Allah).

    Islam is the religion of Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus and all the prophets and messenger of the one mighty God.

    You are not a Muslim if you didn’t believe in all God’s prophets.

    Muhammad, who is a descendant of Ismail son of Abraham, is the last prophet who brought the religion completed and the word of God unaltered, as the last prophet of God to mankind and the world.

    The Quraan is the book of God that contains the text and word of God that was “truly” given – to the letter - to all prophets of God since Adam, Abraham and all the way to Muhammad.

    Quraan is the prophet-hood miracle of Muhammad.

    In the Quraan the word Muhammad is mentioned 4 times.

    The word Eiessa (Jesus) is mentioned 25 times

    The word Moses is mentioned 131 times.

    Pictures or illustrations of Muhammad and his first followers are forbidden, only following the message of God to be praised.

    There are no holy men or high priests in Islam, only scholars respected for their knowledge of the book of God and Islamic law. Such knowledge is available to any Muslim.

    There are no middlemen between Muslims and God.

    Jesus is a prophet of God created by a word of God and from

    his soul. Virgin Mary is the greatest woman ever.

    The biggest sin of Islam is associating a partner with God.

    The five pillars of Islam are:

    *To certify that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad

    is his worshipper and messenger.

    *Praying five times a day.

    *Paying charity (zakah) to the poor, which is 2.5% annually

    of unspent assets.

    *Fasting daily for the holy month of Ramadan.

    *Pilgrimage to Mecca if you could.

    People were created to worship God, in every thing they do.

    Life is a test where following the word of God and Islamic law provides dignifying, safe, prosperous life, while preparing for the eternal after life, where on Judgment day if one’s virtuous deeds out weighs his sins he enters Heaven, and if vice versa, he will enter Hell.