Guantanamo !!

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    Guantanamo !!


    As we all here, UNITED NATIONS - Secretary General - Kofi Annan on Thursday said the United States should close the prison at Guantanamo Bay for terror suspects as soon as possible ``without further delay'' because it is effectively a torture camp where prisoners have no access to justice and the European lawmakers also urged Washington to close the camp.

    Annan added that he didn't necessarily agree with everything in the report, but ``the basic premise, that we need to be careful to have a balance between effective action against terrorism and individual liberties and civil rights, I think is valid.''

    The report's findings were based on interviews with former detainees, public documents, media reports, lawyers and questions answered by the U.S. government, which detailed the number of prisoners held but did not give their names or the status of charges against them.

    Some of the interrogation techniques - particularly the use of dogs, exposure to extreme temperatures, sleep deprivation and prolonged isolation - caused extreme suffering, the report said.
    Harsh treatment, such as placing detainees in solitary confinement, stripping them naked, subjecting them to severe temperatures, which is banned in all circumstances.

    "The excessive violence used in many cases during transportation ... and forced-feeding of detainees on hunger strike must be assessed as amounting to torture



    But Amnesty International backed the call for shutting down Guantanamo, which it said represented "just the tip of the iceberg" of US-run detention facilities worldwide- one of them is Baghdad's U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison which newly broadcast new violent pictures by Australian television.

    Many of the 500 inmates of the prison at the US naval base in Cuba have been held for four years without trial. They said the US authorities should “expeditiously bring all Guantánamo. Bay detainees to trial” under international law, “or release them without further delay.”, Only 10 of the detainees have been formally charged since Guantánamo was opened in early 2002

    The US can no longer make the case, morally or legally, for keeping it open

    But United States on angrily rejected calls by UN human-rights monitors to close the Guantanamo “war on terror” detention camp, calling their report “a discredit” to the world body & White House spokesman Scott McClellan rejected the call to shut the camp, saying the military treats all detainees humanely and ``these are dangerous terrorists that we're talking about.''

    The White House, calling the Guantanamo detainees "dangerous terrorists", dismissed the report as a reworking of past allegations and said that inmates were humanely treated, they also indicated that the calls to close the jail would fall on deaf ears.

    Washington also denies that the force-feeding of inmates on hunger strike, which was undertaken to save their lives, amounted to cruel treatment.

    Finally the truth is on it's way to be clear.


    I quote some lines from different articles which talks about the same subject and they all related to REUTERS at the end.
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