Yemen/sports and their problems

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    I was just wandering why Yemen is almost good at nothing the gov. is progressing but very slowly the national sports teams win but very rarely and i just can't understand with all of the training and the coaches why can't the team ever make our country proud why can't we stick our heads up in the air and say Yemen won the world cup or at least for now got to the world cup finals

    i do apologize for writing this at this time with the Denmark problem and everything but it is just that every time i get in an argument with my friends about soccer i just can't say that Yemen did anything.

    thank you YHa
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  3. Immigrant

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    i have the same feeling here.
    trust me, sometimes i do not even speak out, when my freinds are talking about their countries progress in any championship.
    it is very frustrating .
    especially, lately in the Gulf soccer tournament.
    if they are bad, why are they going ?????
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  5. جراهام بل

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    we can discuess this deeply but later soon
    good point