If Prophet Muhammad visited you

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    I wonder........................

    If Prophet Muhammad visited you
    Just for a day or two,
    If he came unexpectedly,
    I wonder what you would do?
    Oh I know you would give your nicest room,
    To such an honored guest,
    And you would serve him your very best.

    You would be the very best,
    Cause you're glad to have him there,
    That serving him in your home
    Would be a joy without compare.

    But...when you see him coming,
    Would you meet him at the door
    With your arms outstretched in welcome,
    To your visitor?

    Or...would you have to change your clothes
    before you let him in?
    Or hide some magazines and put
    The Qur’an where they had been?

    Would you still watch those movies,
    Or your T.V. set?
    Or would you switch it off,
    Before he gets upset.

    Would you turn off the radio,
    And hope he had not heard?
    And wish that you did not utter
    your last loud hasty word?

    Would you hide your worldly music,
    And instead take out Hadith books?
    Could you let him walk right in,
    Or would you rush about?

    And I wonder...if the Prophet (saw) spent, a day or two with you,
    Would you go on doing the things you always do?
    Would you go right on and say the things You always say?
    Would life for you continue
    As it does from day to day?

    Would your family conversations,
    Keep up their usual pace?
    And would you find it hard each meal,
    To say a table grace?

    Would you keep up each and every prayer?
    Without putting on a frown?
    And would you always jump up early,
    For Fajr at dawn?

    Would you sing the songs you always sing?
    And read the book you read?
    And let him know the things on which,
    Your mind and spirit feed?

    Would you take the Prophet with you,
    Everywhere you plan to go?
    Or, would you maybe change your plans,
    Just for a day or so?

    Would you be glad to have him meet,
    Your very closest friends?
    Or, would you hope they stay away,
    Until his visit ends?

    Would you be glad to have him stay,
    Forever on and on?
    Or would you sigh with great relief,
    When he at last was gone?

    It might be interesting to know,
    The things that you would do.
    If Prophet Muhammad came,
    To spend some time with you

    just try to fight for him
    by any way

    there is never wrong time to do something right
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  3. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    first of all ,welcome back brother al3seeb
    second, you have to talk to me in private,get my Email from my profile and add me in your list to contact me
    third, as you said in your post ,we all are behind out prophet
    thank you
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  5. صاحبة الجلاله

    صاحبة الجلاله عضو

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    I thought that was beautiful ,good questions .I know if the prophet peace be upon him was with us we would probably be better people but thats what we need to always think and feel that muhammed peace be upon him is with us and he left us his footsteps to walk upon so why dont we just follow his great path instead of always trying to find another way and we end up getting lost
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  7. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    Great, Post.1
    I really really liked this post. It made me think about it, while i was at work all day. And I though about it, If Mohammed ( Alaah al Saalah) Came to my Home, How Would I know How He Looked. How Would I know that He's the real Mohammed, Sel Allah Alaah waa Selem. And why would he come to me? and why to the U.S.? Wouldn't he Go to Someone that's Almost Perfect, Wouldn't want to go to Mecca, to Al MEDEENAH El Ma Keremah. Where he stayed. Or Egypt. ? AM I write or Wrong. Or did I understood You the wrong way. If I Am please let me know.02
    With All Do Respect
    Sami Alganhey
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  9. عدو اليأس

    عدو اليأس عضو متميّز

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    :) :) :)
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  11. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    WHAT??? HUH?? Sorry I didn't Understand?????21