"Myself towards America

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    I woke up with the sounds of birds
    There were boys and girls all around
    I looked for a friend with safe and sound

    I stood in the middle and nobody came
    I stood there with full of shame

    I cried and cried but nobody cared
    I said to myself "that isn't fair

    I looked at my friend but she didn't say Hi
    !I asked myself why

    I ran into the forest away from them
    .I ran and ran untill nobody could see
    My life as a Muslim seems to be

    I opened my eyes in front of the moon
    .I hoped this will end pretty soon
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    Dear nightmare,

    Don't u think that ur nick name should be sweet dreams instead of this one, u deserve it with all that sensitive emotions & feelings u've got.

    Who said u r alone why don't u be one of the English Forum members and I’m sure that u will got lots of friends here and if u need help they'll not hesitated to give a hand for.

    Your sis,