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    N Y C

    Hello brothers and sisters in my favorites forum. ;)
    i read this info in my English book it was perfect info and i was looking for any info about USA ((exactly NYC)).
    in my opinion we should be know how the another culturels are beginning, any way let's read togther. :)

    New York is the largest city in the United States of America. it is made up of a number of parts,
    most of which are on island. the main part of New York, the centre, is on an island called Manahttan.
    The original inhabitants of Manahttan were American Indians who had arrived there thousands of years before the first european settlers. in 1626, a Dutchman called Peter Hinuit bought the island from the indians for 24 dollars. in those days, Manhattan was rural. today,Manhattan is completely urban except for a large park called Central Park and a few smaller park.
    The population denstiy of Manhattan is very high, about 25,000 people per Km2. because so many people wented to live in such a small place, they had to build upwards instead of outwards.
    That is why Manhattan has so many very tall buildings. They are called skyscapers.
    A famous statue
    One of the most famous sights in New York is the statue of liberty. it is perhaps, the most famous statue in the world. it is certanily one of the biggest. it is over 46 metres high and its right arm is nearly 13 metrers long. you can go up inside the statue. first you take a lift and then you must walk 168 steps to the crown. from the top, there are magnificent views of New York City.
    The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA by the people of France in 1866. it was placed on
    a stone and concrete base on an island in NY harbour. During the last hundred years, millions of people left their own countries to start a new life in America.
    They came from Europe, Asia, south America and Africe. For most of these immigrants, the
    Statue of liberty was the thing they saw in their new home. Today the great-grandchildren of these immigrants make New York one of the most multiracial cities in the world.

    that is all i have and if you have another info tell us, and i'll tell u about another cultural anshallah at another topic.
    i hope u learn new thing at this topic. :)
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  3. almsaodi

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    Thanks alot for the interesting info

    keep it going on,

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  5. حبوب

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    i wrote my comment but it disappeared, with the new update, but is ok i will write it again

    thank you sister for the valuable inforamtion and hope we can learn from each other
    thank you and happy new year
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  7. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    sister yemenia moot
    NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world with huge population and capacity
    thanks for your appreciated info and post
    and we are pleased to have you in our Forum
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  9. البكيان

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    as you said
    america one of the most multiracial state in the world.
    thank's a lot on this good informations

    best wishes