A memorable experience: The qat party

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    A memorable experience: The qat party
    Baron, D N

    Retired professor of chemical pathology, London

    About 15 years ago I went on a medical academic visit to the Yemeni capital, Sana'a. Everyone was very hospitable, and one afternoon a Yemeni colleague invited me to join him socially to chew qat [khat]. This grows as a small tree (Catha edulis) that flourishes around the Red Sea, with leaves like privet. These leaves contain cathinone ([small alpha, Greek]-aminopropiophenone, related to amphetamine) as the most powerful substance, which breaks down within days to the weaker cathine (norpseudoephedrine), and related compounds. So they act as uppers; a near equivalent Western upper is "speed". For maximum potency qat must be picked in the morning and chewed that afternoon, though it is transported by air and used by the Yemeni community in Britain and elsewhere. Doctors in Britain might see patients with problems related to qat.

    We went to a middle class house where there were about 10 local men, and sat in a room around a low Table coveredwith rugs: a pile of twigs covered with leaves, and a cup were already laid out by each place. I was proudly told that the leaves were top quality, and was instructed what to do. I picked a few leaves, chewed them to a pulp, then transferred the pulp to my left cheek and sucked the almost tasteless juice. The process was repeated over the next couple of hours while my cheek got fatter and fatter. A manservant came round regularly to fill our cups with weak tea. There were hookahs in the middle of the table, and I took turns in inhaling the ******* smoke. The main effect on me was insensibility to the passage of time. When the party ended after about three hours and we spat out the leaves, my colleague and I went to the hammam with the water heated by burning bullocks' heads that were stored in piles outside-but that is another story-I thought that barely an hour had passed. I was euphoric, very wide awake, extremely friendly, and talkative with a free flow of ideas, but afterwards could remember little of the conversation. My mouth was dry, hence the need for much fluid. The effects wore off after about an hour.

    It was explained to me that there are several problems from the ubiquity of qat chewing. In the town in the mornings you see the stalks being brought in from plantations that should be producing food, or growing coffee for export, but qat brings better profits for the farmers. In the afternoons men are seen in public alone or in groups, as well as being at home (where women also indulge), chewing qat for hours instead of working, and using money that should have been spent on their households.

    Every society has its own forms of chemical escape.

    D N Baron, retired professor of chemical pathology, London

    Accession Number: 00002591-199908210-00029 ​
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    Thanks For Sharing The Article

    There Were Some Interesting Points In It

    I Chow Qat And I Do Feel Hiper, Talkative, But Not
    More Friendly Lool Afterward

    And My Mouth Does Gets Very Dry

    Disadvantages Are Like The Article Mentiones ..
    Money Spending And Breakage Of Family Ties
    Among A Lot Others

    Advantgages Are Such As Socializing And Strengthing
    Community Ties ... Among Others

    My Regards