Yemeni American Have lost thier culture

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  1. بن احمد سحاق

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    Its a sad story and a sad undertaking to admit, but our brothers and sisters in Islam and our fellow countrymen have lost their children to America and its daunting political accomplishments. Through television, mainly MTV, BET and other poisoning programs the children are becoming too Americanized. I can only go as far to see one out of every ten American raised Yemenis that are aware of their role in life as a Muslim and a Yemeni. This is a sad story and this is Shayef's Report from Detroit Michigan. What do you think?>>>>>>Salam
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  3. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    I Think You Are Partially Right

    But It's A Bit Off Line To Statistically
    Say That The Ratio Would Be 1 Out Of 10

    I Live In America And I Know How The Yemenis
    Are Here. I Can Tell You That A Great Deal Of
    Them Are Being Raised Up The Wrong Way And
    It's Mainly Because There Is No Supervision From
    Their Parents. Of Course, Most Parents In America
    Don't Find The Time To Look After Their Kids Because
    They Work All Day Long (sometimes, They Don't See Their Kids For Days And Even Weeks) But It Is Still
    Partially Their Responsibility To Somehow Watch Their
    Kids And Raise Them The Right Way, Knowing That They Are In A Non-muslim Community.

    Having Said That, A Lot Of Yemenis In America Have Not
    Lost Their Religion Nor Have They Lost Their Yemeni Heritage. If Anything, They Are Even Better Than Some Of The Kids In Yemen.

    Nevertheless, I Agree That A Lot Of Yemenis Here Are Going The Wrong Way

    The Community And The Atomosphere In The West Are A Big Part Of This, Of Course !1

    My Regards