A Yemeni Clown visits the Black House Oval Office

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    During the less than 3 minutes meeting of Bush & Saleh at the Oval Black

    House Office>>> what
    attracted my attention & really disturbed me the most is the total lack of

    respect shown in the way
    the shitpile Yankee's chicken face laughing towards Pres.Saleh as if he is

    a Yemeni Clown visting the Black House Oval Office

    President Bush Welcomes President Saleh of Yemen to the White House
    The Oval Office


    11:28 A.M. EST

    PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, welcome. I’m looking forward to our

    discussion. I’m looking forward to our continued work together to make sure

    that al Qaeda and people affiliated with al Qaeda are brought to justice.

    Today, the world saw with horror the attacks on innocent people in Jordan by

    killers who defile a great religion. I spoke to King Abdullah. I expressed

    our nation’s deep concern and compassion for those who lost their lives and

    their families. The bombings should remind all of us that there is an enemy

    in this world that is willing to kill innocent people, willing to bomb a

    wedding celebration, in order to advance their cause. And for those of us who

    love freedom, and for those of us who love — who respect every human life, no

    matter whether you’re from the West or from your neighborhood, Mr. President,

    we have an obligation and a duty to remain strong, remain firm, and to bring

    these people to justice.

    And so, Mr. President, welcome.

    PRESIDENT SALEH: (As translated.) Thank you, Mr. President. I am delighted to

    have this friend — friend, George Bush. This is probably the third meeting

    that we have together. And we discuss a variety of mutual issues, and our

    mutual objective here is the declaration of war against terrorism and

    extremism. We have seen it during 9/11 and after. I am here to reaffirm

    Yemen’s position that it is clear and firm, our resolve is firm, to continue

    to work with the United States and the international community in combating


    Since yesterday, I had the opportunity to have a variety of meetings with

    members of your administration. I am delighted to have the opportunity to see

    you and meet with you today, Mr. President. We will have a variety of issues

    that we will discuss, bilateral issues, as well as issues of interest to both

    the international community and world peace and stability.1

    I thank you, very much, for your hospitality and for receiving me

    PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir

    END 11:31 A.M. EST [/FRAME]
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  3. ابن نفل

    ابن نفل قلم ذهبي

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    مشاركة: A Yemeni Clown visits the Black House Oval Office

    Poor Saleh .. he was given only three minutes to see his Master